Too School for Cool, Spring 3003 semester

Laurel Hills Secondary School: Spring 3003 semester
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Principal/Superintendent: Illiana Greer; Teachers: Deidre Faithbucks, Nigel Hoyt
Students: Marianne Richward, Denise Weber, Janet Weber (all 12); Jeffrey Michaels (13); Artemis Greene, Devon Royal (14); Autumn Greer, Summer Greer, Winter Greer, Lloyd Wlyde (15) 

It was another day at Laurel Hills and the countdown to the summer vacation.

Sisters Autumn and Summer are making plans for after school, hoping to begin the searching process for a new boyfriend for Autumn.

Artemis is one of the few actually doing the Mr. Hoyt’s assignment.

Lloyd and Winter are finished but Lloyd decides to go scam a bathroom break from Mr. Hoyt, so he can roam the hallways for the duration of the period.

Meanwhile in Simlish class, Marianne is bored out of her mind and can’t wait to do a little soccer drills. But Janet reminds her of the rain forecast of the day. Hopefully, the weather will let up.

Thankfully, it doesn’t rain and Marianne is able to do some soccer drills, which is the only thing she can do since she is still on academic probation. Incidentally, Lloyd and Devon are outside shooting hoops at the same time.

Marianne tries her best to look cute, all the while ignoring him. Lloyd heeded Marianne’s parents’ instruction to not date her and he promptly ended things, much to Marianne’s dismay.

Marianne gave up trying to get Lloyd’s attention after a while and decided to chill on the lawn with Janet.

They mainly talked about Marianne’s grounding, and how boring it was not to hang out anymore.

Luckily, Marianne’s grades were improving, but she doubted that her parents would allow her to start back dating Lloyd again, as if he still wanted her anyway.

In other teenage drama, Artemis is not a big friend of Winter’s sister, Autumn.

Winter is disappointed that his girlfriend despises his sister, but he does tell her to get over it, as Autumn is his sister after all.

Artemis did not like his suggestion at all.

Summer engaging in an impromptu game of hacky-sack has earned her the scorn of Janet’s viciousness, again.


  • So Marianne’s grades are improving, only slightly, but there’s no way her parents would let her start dating again. Sorry Marianne, you blew it.
  • Artemis was doing the complain interaction to Winter (as this school is a community lot owned by his mother, Principal Greer) about Autumn. I don’t know why she was so upset at Autumn, but man, was she pissed that Winter just shrugged about it. Come on Artemis, do you honestly expect him to dump his own sister? I thought it was so hilarious.
  • Janet does not like Summer at all. Summer does heart-fart over Lloyd, so maybe that’s why. Janet and Marianne are always gossiping about her. Summer needs to watch out, because if she does swoop in and hooks up with Lloyd, I have a feeling things will get really nasty.
  • Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “Too School for Cool, Spring 3003 semester

  1. Poor Marianne, it’s too bad she can’t go back to dating. I too like the academic probation and I think it’s funny when they complain about the school/students.

  2. Oh, the complain thing is nuts! My principals currently don’t have any kids at their schools, so they’ve been spared. They’re usually complaining about messes, in my experience.

    I’m glad Marianne’s grades are improving and it sounds like her parents are going to be keeping her on a pretty short leash from now on. She’s got plenty of time to date though, so I hope she’s patient!

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