unimpressed by material excess

April 3003: JuarezDi Household
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Diego Juarez is 36, Victoria is 34, Sergio is 10, Santiago is 8, Sabrina is 4

narrated by Diego

I was talking with the boys one evening about school, when Victoria decided to change the subject.

I had mentioned to her earlier in the week that I was thinking about making a donation for a tax break, but she decided to bring it up again during dinnertime.

Victoria has now taken upon herself to make this a family project. Ever since she sold her candy store last year, she’s becoming bored again.

It seems she’s now into this charity deal, and is getting all of us to participate, like suggesting we work at a soup kitchen for the homeless. I reminded her that Laurel Crossing doesn’t have a soup kitchen. That just made her more determined to get one established.

I had hoped that she would let up, but unfortunately she persisted. The following Saturday at breakfast, she promptly informed us of our duties.

I’m sure this was definitely not what the boys and I imagined we would be doing on a Saturday.

The boys spent the next hour gathering anything that they could donate.

Sergio and Santiago did end up gathering a good amount of clothing and toys to donate.

Since Victoria had already cleared out our closets, I went ahead and did exactly what I had planned to do in the first place: make a monetary donation.

After making a $12,000 donation to the city’s scholarship fund, Victoria vowed that she would continue her charitable activities. I agreed, as long as the boys and I weren’t dragged into it.


  • The title is from Give it Away by Red Hot Chili Peppers.
  • To be clear, it was Diego who rolled the CHARITY STRIKES! ROS to donate $12,000, which was a drop in the bucket for them. But it made perfect sense that Victoria would take that concept and run away with it. 
  • Man, I really need to finish my sim profiles. Thanks for reading!

5 thoughts on “unimpressed by material excess

  1. Love that the kids got involved to donate. And that’s a nice chunk of change there! Are you going to be dispersing it for other kids to use for college?

  2. Maisie and Carla, 5% of the education budget is for the scholarship program, so I added the $12K to the pot, which funds all of the private scholarships that the hood offers. Every little bit helps.

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