go and pack your bags

Spring 3003: Faulkner Household
last update/next update
Trent Faulkner is 33, Quinn is 30, Austin & Chase are 2. (Also Nigel Hoyt is 28, Allison Meyer is 26, Cora Tracy is 31.)

narrated by Trent

Quinn gave me wonderful news one morning: we were pregnant! It wasn’t planned, but we’re thrilled nonetheless.

Austin and Chase still keeps us on our toes, but they’re old enough to not need so much attention as before.

Unfortunately, with the four of us plus all of the twins’ things plus a new baby, we need more space. It’s time to look for a bigger house.

We’re in a better place financially now that I own and run my own newspaper, and with Quinn being a teacher, we’re getting a great deal on a mortgage rate. But the whole process can be daunting at times, especially since we cannot move until we sell this house.

Luckily,  a fellow teacher of Quinn’s and his fiancee were in the market of buying a house. We were able to give them a private showing of the house, before giving an open house.

We discussed all of the important things, and Nigel and Allison were glad that the home needed no repairs and was move-in ready.

We let them tour the house on their home and afterwards we answered all of their questions.

I didn’t want to crowd them, so I gave them more time to make their decision.

Giving them their space also gave me the opportunity to calm Quinn’s nerves. It was a good house, in a good location.

As I expected, the Hoyts seemed to believe so too.

They gave us a great offer, which we accepted. Now we can find our dream house!

House no. 3 that we viewed turned out to be our dream house. It was twice the living space as our house.

The best part was the huge backyard. It had plenty of space for the kids to play in, and I definitely foresee many cookouts.

We immediately let our realtor know we were ready to place an offer.

Cora informed us that because it was a new construction, we could have a quick closing. Even more perfect.


  • The title is from Moving on up by M People.
  • So Trent and Quinn are expecting; I’m hoping for a little girl. They aren’t allowed birth control, but I’m surprised they’re just now getting pregnant. They woohoo like rabbits. At least this time, they’re are no twins. Baby Faulkner is due Winter 3004.
  • With the new baby coming they definitely had to move. Their house was only a two bedroom. Their new house is a much larger three bedroom with an amazing backyard. In game, they’re already moved it and I’m currently decorating. I plan to do a lot tour with it, as I’m really liking the decor I’m doing. Quinn’s and Trent’s favorite colors are orange and brown, respectively, so I’m pleased with how it’s turning out.

6 thoughts on “go and pack your bags

  1. We’ll see if they get twins of not. I had a couple that was pregnant again after twins, the scanner said one baby, but when it was time for birth-there were twins 😛 I’m glad the house sold alright and they were able to move easily as well. Can’t wait to see a tour.

  2. Starr is always trying to wish twins on us all, lol!

    Their new house looks lovely and that it was an easy sale and move. I’m sure the boys will be very happy there, along with the new little addition.

  3. Oh I can’t wait to see their house all decorated, I like those two colors together. I’m glad they were able to sell! That’s a fun twist, and their new house has an amazing backyard! Here’s hoping they get a mini Quinn!

  4. The same thing that happened to Star happened to me. The scanner said one but they ended up having twins. But I figured out that was because I had given the mother the fertility bonus. I won’t be doing that again.

    I like what you did with moving them into a new house. It very realistic that they would first have to sale their old house before being allowed to move.

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