behind the smile you’re hiding

Winter 3003: Underwood Household
last update/next update
Jeffrey is 37, Britney is 34, Sarai Richward is 11, Courtney is 1. Also Victoria Juarez is 34.

narrated by Britney

As the summer approaches, I can’t believe that my little Sarai will become a teen. It had just been just the two of us for a long time (along with my mother helping out), before Jeff came along and changed our lives for the better. She’s so bright and mature for her age, she’s taking to being a big sister really well, helping Courtney earn her skills.

Because my mother babysat Sarai for years, I was a little bit apprehensive letting a nanny take care of Courtney.

I’m afraid that Courtney is not being taking care of properly, despite evidence otherwise.

Jeff assured me everything was fine. It’s not like Courtney was being neglected. I guess I am being a little silly.

On one of my very rare days off, I got a surprise visit from my stepsister-in-law, Victoria. I hadn’t felt well all day, so I really wasn’t up to her company.

I was in the process of telling her I was busy, I had the overwhelming urge to puke my brains out.

When I resurfaced ten minutes later, Victoria was waiting on the couch. Her nervous smile matched mine when I saw her face that she figured out what I suspected by the past couple of weeks: I was pregnant.

We’ve only been cordial to each other at best, so this was not a comfortable conversation to not have.

Victoria soon decided to leave, but not before I told her to not mention what she saw. Despite her assurances, I didn’t believe her sincerity.

After a brief staring contest, Victoria smirked before leaving. Now I know why my mother can’t stand that woman.

And what’s worse, Sarai had overheard our conversation. I had to admit that I was expecting again. I really hated that Jeff was not the first person to find this out, and knowing Victoria, I will have to tell Jeff as soon as possible before the whole hood found out.


  • The title is from So Far Gone by James Blunt.
  • It was quite a surprise for me to discover Britney pregnant when I loaded their game. I hadn’t played their household since their last rotation and the last time I accessed this lot was to change their formal wear for Arturo and Donna’s wedding. I guess that their immaculate conception was when all the adult couples took turns woo-hooing in the photo booth at the church. Yeah, gross. But since that was over six months ago, let’s just say it was a recent conception. Baby Underwood is due Fall 3003.
  • If anyone can remember from Britney’s first update, Donna didn’t care too much about Victoria, even though Britney thought otherwise. Since their parents got married, Victoria keeps having a negative talk interactions with Britney. It seems Victoria rubs too many people the wrong way.
  • I only just realized how close Sarai was to teen; she’ll age up for summer birthdays. So I gave her a more mature look.
  • The Underwood’s nanny is one of those who does nothing. She’ll feed Courtney and change her, but that’s it.  She leaves Courtney by herself, while she watches TV.
  • Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “behind the smile you’re hiding

  1. Hi great update!!

    I recently starting following you blog and having read from the beginning so I’m just going to start right here.
    Awesome that baby number three is on the way for Brittany it’s too bad she didn’t get to tell her husband first but all is good lol.
    Sarai is adorable, very pretty and so is Courtney. I don’t blame Brittany for worrying about whether or not Courtney is being well taken care of. I could be quiet nerving when someone else is watching her.
    Victoria and her staring contest, I laughed at that one. I can see that being very awkward lol.

    Can’t wait for more!

  2. That stinks that she has a lemon for a nanny. Can’t wait to see Sarai age to teen, she’s going to be much older than her new sibling, which I think is fun!

  3. Sorry for the late replies, guys. Finals and all.

    Nicky, welcome to the LC! I’m sorry about your hood. Maybe you’ll try again in the future.

    Maisie, it’s so ironic that the nanny is the same one at the Juarez house, but she’s fine there. I guess she’s class-biased.

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