Round 3001 Outtakes

I just realized I never posted the outtakes. Happy Black Friday!

All kinds of wrong. Darn EAxis and their lack of programming of appropriate family ties!

Why does this remind me of the ending to Paranormal Activity 2?

Look ma, no hands!

I think don’t this conversation is G-rated enough for Sarai, Jeff and Brit.

I know that you’re angry at Blake, Deidre, but…

Dimitri is so hot.

The council would like to recognize the fact that Doris is hot.

Yes, I concur: Doris is hot. (Not appropriate talk at council meetings, guys! Oh yeah, ignore my graphic card crapping out.)

Should I even be listening to this conversation?

Christy, I don’t think Genesis would appreciate where your mind is at while you’re… um, you know.

When I get you home…

Geesh, maybe I should get you home…

It looks like high school student townie Jeffrey Michaels has a MILF.

Look ma, no head! Now you see me…

…Now you don’t.

I gotta promotion, sweet!

Sims can walk dogs? Considering the size of the Tracy’s family dog, Scout, this looks about as ridiculous as…


What are they talking about?

Should we call the cops? (Seriously, what is Winter doing downtown at night by himself with someone who is older and not Artemis?)

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