can’t concentrate

Winter 3002: Tracy household
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Liam is 33, Cora is 30, Adriana is  3, Jordan is 1, Marianne Richward is 12. Also Lloyd Wylde is 15.

narrated by Marianne.

This is so embarrassing! My parents had the bright idea of meeting my boyfriend, Lloyd. 

They seemed to feel that Lloyd was too old for me. So what he’s almost 16. I should have kept my big mouth shut, when I mentioned that Lloyd was studying for his license.

So here I was, in the middle of small talk with my boyfriend and my parents. This is so not how I wanted to spend my evening with Lloyd. But he wasn’t fazed, saying that meeting the parents is not that big of a deal.

Of course, they continued to ask more embarrassing questions. Do you play sports? Do you have a job? Why they felt that was any of their business I’ll never know.

Mom took it a step further by suggesting which job Lloyd should get, after Lloyd admitted he did in fact plan to get an after-school job.

Then Dad further lectured on the benefits of having a job. Whatever, we’re only teenagers.

Then Dad blindsided me with interrogating Lloyd on why he would date a younger girl. Hello, I’m right here!

Lloyd explained to my parents on how he thought I was funny, cute and loved sports as much as he did, and was more mature than other girls his age.

I couldn’t take any more embarrassment so I excused myself from the table, under the guise of cleaning up the kitchen.

Mom left to check on Adriana and Jordan, so Lloyd was left with Dad. I don’t know what was said between them, but I hoped it wasn’t anything too bad.

Jordan found me still in the kitchen once he was done with Dad.

To my surprise, he was grinning. He told me that I had nothing to worry about.

Apparently, my parents like them and agreed to let me still date him, as long as I made curfew and I didn’t get into trouble.

But my elation didn’t last very long. A week later, my Dad came home while I was chatting on the computer with Lloyd.

He made me sign off abruptly. I didn’t know what was up, but I soon found out.

Apparently, Principal Greer called, and told them that I wasn’t doing too well in school.

So what I wasn’t making straight-A’s. It wasn’t like I was flunking.

But Mom and Dad didn’t share my sentiment.

Since they felt that my relationship with Lloyd was too much of a distraction, they told me that I couldn’t see Lloyd anymore. Shocked, I looked at Mom, expecting her to tell Dad that he was overreacting. But she agreed. In fact, it was her idea!

Needless to say, I was grounded until further notice. I couldn’t date Lloyd or hang out with my friends, until my grades were up.

I figured that I would just see Lloyd at school, until Dad informed me that he already talked to Lloyd. Apparently, his grades never faltered and my dad told him that I couldn’t hang out with him anymore until I’m not on punishment anymore.

After another ten minutes of lecturing, I was sent to my room, where I found that my cell phone, PSP, iPod and stereo were already confiscated. This was the worst day of my life!

My parents are so unfair! So what my grades were lacking. I’m only 12; it’s not that big of a deal.


  • The title is from Teenage Love Affair by Alicia Keys. You can listen to the song here.
  • Like I mentioned in the last high school update, I wanted to address how Liam and Cora handled Marianne dating an older boy. Cora was a bit of a wild child when she was a teen, so I figured she wouldn’t have a problem with it, albeit that he was a good boy. Of course, Liam as a dad wouldn’t like it, so I had Lloyd come over for dinner. If he got along with Cora and Liam, then he could date their daughter. They all hit it off, but I permitted the relationship, which brings me to…
  • Marianne’s schoolwork. In my game, I find that students typically roll wants to do homework, usually the next day when they wake up in the morning (nothing like waiting until the last minute to do your homework, eh?). Only Knowledge teens roll when they get home. Marianne was no different. But ever since she aged to teen, she hasn’t rolled to do homework at all. Not once. I have a rule that students do their homework when they roll wants for doing homework or roll wants to earn an A+ or overachiever. MA hasn’t rolled any of those. Only wants to invite friends over, call them on the phone, or having fun (listening to the iPod, playing with the PSP, etc). No wants to attend college, no nothing. I have the Harder Grades hack, and although she has the skills, her grades are steadily going down. She’s down to a C- in-game.
  • I’m wondering that I may have to step in and make her do the homework. But we’ll see. This is so not how I envisioned MA to be; she’s supposed to be the smart jock, on her way to college and athletic glory days. We’ll see how she turns out.
  • Thanks for reading!  

6 thoughts on “can’t concentrate

  1. Wow, most of my teens never roll homework wants at all. I think they’re right about her dating and her grades, I bet that will motivate her to do her homework now 😛

  2. I think Marianne is like most typical teens lol. She’s much more concerned with the social aspects of life than with practical, future building things like homework. But I’m sure taking away those social activities that she loves so much will open her eyes and make her get that homework done!

  3. It’s kind of disconcerning, because I’m used to teens rolling at least the “go to college” wish, but nothing academic related for Marianne. I don’t know if I’ll let her flunk yet. What happens if she does? Will she get shipped off to military school, never to be seen again, like in TS1?

  4. Most of my kids and teens are like yours. They roll wants to do homework in the morning. I have very few that don’t roll the want at all. The last one to do that almost got taken by the social worker but I stepped in.

    If teens flunk nothing happens (I think), they just aren’t able to go to the in game universities. They need at least a C of that.

    I don’t think that I would have been as understanding as Cora about my 12 year old dating a 16 year old. I think I am on Team Liam on this one.

  5. Oh man! Marianne was so close to dating him, too bad she didn’t get her studies done to keep her grades up. I agree with her parents, a C- is pretty awful, not failing but hardly. Definitely not worth bragging about. Hope she can get her grades back up. Though Marianne isn’t exactly how you saw her to be, isn’t it fun when they get their own personalities and make poor choices.

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