Round 3003: ROS

Here are the ROS for this round:

FIGHT (Pick fight with highest LT relationship)
OOPS, KNOCKED UP (Woohoo with next person you woohoo with)
REPO MAN RAMPAGE (3 items totaling $3,000)


  • Okay, no deaths this round. Yay!
  • I’m bummed about the repo one because this household has enough troubles as it is.
  • I’m especially peeved at the increase family. This household definitely needs no more kids. 

2 thoughts on “Round 3003: ROS

  1. Is the Charity Strikes one supposed to be that the Sim receives that money from charity or that they donate it? If it’s the latter, maybe they could donate it to the repo man family!

    Those ROS sometimes hit the worst possible Sim at the worst possible time. But you won’t have to kill anyone, so I’d call this ROS roll a success. 🙂

  2. Yes, on the charity strikes the person will need to send money to charity. That is a good idea to send it to the sim. However, the repo family is not hurting for money, just going through some things. This 12K could be donated to some social programs, like the scholarship program or welfare. So many possibilities!

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