Round 3001 Summary

Here were the ROS for this round:

FEELING CREATIVE- Begin new hobby or start new business. (Britney Underwood)
DEATH! by illness (Amelia Meade)
CHANGE OF PLANS – re-roll LTW (Dimitri Barnes)
CHANGE OF HEART- re-roll turn-ons (Blake Faithbucks)
MAKE IT HAPPEN- fulfill biggest want (Liam Tracy)

Births: Courtney Underwood, Austin & Chase Faulkner, Jordan Tracy

Deaths: Baby Faithbucks, Amelia Meade

Adoptions: Eva Fontaine

Engagements: Dominic Juarez & Tamara Townsend, Arturo Juarez & Donna Richward

Marriages: Dominic & Tamara, Arturo & Donna

Break ups: Blake & Deidre Faithbucks

New Residents: none

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