Too School for Cool, Fall 3002 semester

Laurel Hill Secondary: Fall 3002 Semester
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Principal/Superintendent: Illiana Greer; Teachers: Deidre Faithbucks, Nigel Hoyt
Students: Marianne Richward, Denise Weber, Janet Weber (all 12); Jeffrey Michaels (13); Artemis Greene, Devon Royal (14); Autumn Greer, Summer Greer, Winter Greer, Lloyd Wlyde (15)

Ms. Faithbucks begins directing the students to their classes as soon as the morning bell rings, although Janet feels the need to take her time doing so.

Class has barely started before Devon is already bored, while Jeffrey tries to solve the algebra problem on the board. F(x)=2x+18… huh?

School hasn’t gotten any easier for Janet, who still struggles. She sneaks a peek over to Marianne and discovers she’s already done.

Who needs algebra any way. She’d much rather hang out with boys anyway, like Jeffrey.

She’s too hot to do schoolwork anyway.

Which Jeffrey enthusiastically agrees.

Somehow, both Winter and Summer wind up studying across from Artemis and Lloyd, their respective crushes. Winter’s eyes keep finding their way to Artemis instead of his book.

Unlike Janet, the other students know that there is a time and place for everything, and the library is not a place for hooking up. Autumn finds Denise hard at work in researching for biology class.

When lunchtime comes, it’s obvious where the popular table is. Even though Janet, Marianne and Denise are seventh graders, they still managed to have the most popular (and very handsome) guys in school sitting with them.

Winter was having some good fortune as well. He has been hitting it off with Artemis very well.

Very well.

So well in fact that Artemis agreed to go steady with him. Meanwhile, Summer wonders how her geeky brother managed to get a girlfriend, while she remains dateless. She then resolves to go ask out Lloyd while she has the nerve.

Except that she’s too late.

To Summer’s horror, she watches Lloyd ask Marianne- a SEVENTH grader!!- to go steady.

Who, of course, accepts. Who wouldn’t want to go out with the star basketball player?

Perturbed that Marianne got a boyfriend before she did, Janet tries flirting it up with Jeffrey in hopes of snagging an upperclassman too. Denise has no intentions of following her friends’ actions. Why should she try to pair up with Devon, when he was too busy staring at her best friend anyway?

Still angry at not getting a boyfriend, Janet takes out her frustrations on Summer instead, taunting her for crushing on Lloyd and having Marianne snatching him up. Luckily, the school bell rings, adjourning classes for the day.

By the time the afternoon extracurricular activities ended, the whole school was abuzz with news of the newest “it” couple and the public dis of Summer by Janet.


  • The title is from Raise Your Glass by Pink. All high school updates will be under the title.
  • I was hoping for drama with the new high school class and I got it. I was quite surprised at Marianne being the first to have a boyfriend. She’s so into sports; I figured Janet would have been on boyfriend number 3 by the time she got one. Both she and Lloyd had a want to go steady, so I had him ask. Which leads to this: how do you think Liam and Cora is going to react to their 12-year old seventh grader daughter dating a 15-year old sophomore? We shall see, won’t we?
  • Janet is definitely a maneater-in-training, isn’t she? But she’s definitely a mean girl. She went over to talk to Summer (who had a crush on Lloyd) and had an immediate bad conversation with her. She just couldn’t help rubbing the loss of Lloyd in her face.
  • Denise was pretty quiet like she was when they were kids; Janet’s and Marianne’s personalities tend to overshadow her a lot. Autumn is like that too, with her triplet siblings. Winter is the only boy and Summer is a more model student. Out of all of her family, Autumn is also the only one who’s not a Knowledge sim; she’s Family, so her priorities are different than the rest of her family.
  • I didn’t plan on how they were seated in the lunchroom, except that I had Marianne, Janet and Denise sit together like always and Winter and Artemis together. Not surprisingly, Autumn and Summer sat at the table with their brother, but lo and behold that the other upperclassman boys sat with the three seventh graders. Lloyd and Marianne kept flirting with each other and soon fell in love within minutes (they were friends during childhood). It seems that the three musketeers are on their way to becoming Laurel Hills’ version of the Plastics.
  • Little shots of classrooms, as I had a hard time keeping the teachers on the lot. Two hours into school time, Nigel and Deidre both left. I had previously had teachers as OFB employees of my community-lot school; this was my first time having the teachers in the EAxis education career and setting them as teachers, so I’m at a loss as to what I did wrong. Maybe it will work next time.
  • Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “Too School for Cool, Fall 3002 semester

  1. Are you using Inge’s school stuff? If you’re assigning the teachers to a classroom with that, they should be selectable and hence unable to leave the lot. I’m really confused as to why you’re having that problem, if you’re doing that!

    1. Yes, I am. It had worked for about two sim hours, but then at the same time, both of them got up to leave. Since they were selectable, I kept cancelling the action in their queue, but the leave action kept popping up. Maybe it was a fluke.

  2. O I have had that too! Bjorked my lot too when one left via taxi one time. Strangest thing. I have no idea why that happened ether. It doesn’t happen anymore for me though. If it’d been me, I woulda just unselected and let them go, and then spawn them back to the lot to start fresh. I do that when selected sims go to work lol.

    Now for the update. Wow, lots of hormones at play here. I wouldn’t be happy if my seventh grader was dating sophomore so I wonder how that will pan out. Poor summer to have Lloyd start dating someone else. But I’m not sure if her motives were genuine ether. Just cause winter has a girl doesn’t mean she has to rush it ether. Marianne is cute and Janet is mean!! What a snot to be that way to summer.

  3. Yeah, this is so not how I imagined Marianne and Janet to be. I can’t wait until you guys see her household’s next update. It’s a doozy. My sims are taking over the story, despite my efforts.

  4. High school updates are intense!

    Janet needs to get it together, being a mean girl doesn’t get you far in life at least with the people that count.

    Lots of new couples going on.

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