Out in the School Yard, Fall 3002 semester

Laurel Grove Primary: Fall 3002 semester
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Principal/Superintendent:  Illiana Greer. Teachers: Quinn Faulkner, Devon Summerfield

Students: Giovanni Juarez, Alicia Faithbucks, Nate Fontaine, Becca Townie (all 5)Nichole Faithbucks, Santiago Juarez, Chaz Weber (all 7); Sergio Juarez (9); Sarai Richward (11);

It’s a few months into the school year and all of the kindergartners have gotten into the school day’s regular routine. Using the watercolors is the best part of the day!

Alicia prefers, however, the children’s literature in the classroom. Ever since she learned how to read, she can’t get enough!

The older kids are working hard in their workbooks, especially for Sarai, as it is the year where she takes her graduating SPATs to get into high school. Not that she has anything to work about, Sarai and Nichole love schoolwork and both have stellar grades to show for it.

The boys, though, think the girls are mental. On what planet is schoolwork fun?

But lunch soon comes, where burgers are on the menu today. Score!

For some, the happy surprise of today’s menu is somewhat subdued by Sergio’s constant bragging. He may be her new cousin and all, but Sarai is not impressed with Sergio always taking about himself.

She doesn’t have to hear it for long, as it’s soon time for recess.

The later part of the day is filled with more schoolwork. It may be the middle of fall, but Principal Greer is making sure that all of her students are preparing for the SPAT.

Mr. Summerfield goes to give extra help to Alicia, but finds she doesn’t need any. He concludes that she better works as an independent learner.

The students spend the rest of the day in the library. Some work on their computer skills…

…while other opt to read and do research.

Finally it is 3 o’clock and the kids rush home to empty their minds with TV and video games, so they can do it all over again tomorrow.


  • Apparently, I still don’t have it together, as I still haven’t finished all of the sim profiles and I still don’t have the last name of the townie Becca.
  • The kids had hamburgers because yet again the NPC never showed up; I had Illiana cook.
  • I noticed during gameplay that Alicia is a loner. She was usually quiet during class and lunchtime. She barely conversed during recess; I had to make her interact with the other students. Even during the gradework class, she had a neutral reaction to the workbook; no smiling like Sarai and Nichole, or frowning or quitting like the boys. The divorce must have affected her socially, which just adds to my dislike of Blake.
  • Thanks for reading!

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