got enough to enjoy the good life

Fall 3002: JuarezArt Household
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Arturo Juarez is 65, Donna is 66. Also Doris Richward is 63,  Sarai Richward is 11, Sergio Juarez is 9, Santiago Juarez is 7, Giovanni Juarez is 5. 

narrated by Arturo

Donna and I didn’t realize how much we would miss being around children until after we moved into our own place after getting hitched. So we have them over every chance we can get. It’s a win-win; we get to be surrounded by the grandkids, and their parents get some time off to themselves. It’s hard to break the habit after being their caregivers for so long.

But once they leave the house gets quite again, so to compensate we started a poker club with other elders. We would have like to play against another couple, but Doris doesn’t have Vyn to play with, as she still works during the day. Fortunately, Judge Leo Wilkie doesn’t work as much and fills our open spot.

Vyn doesn’t mind as she’s willing to play with anyone, as I’m sure she’s bored out of her mind while her wife is at work.

I don’t think she’s not that much happy, after realizing how good Donna and I are at poker.

But we play for fun, so she’s not too sore about it.

At the end of the day though, the house gets empty again. Empty and quiet. Donna suggests that we both have to get a hobby or something to help pass the time.

I’d rather have more grandchildren, thank you very much!


  • The title is from One Thing I Need by Aaron Carter.
  • Yes, a super-short update, as nothing really happened with this household.
  • Arturo and Donna are both retired. They used to be busy being the caregivers to their grandchildren when they lived with their children’s families. Now that they’ve moved out, they’re bored as hell! Just days filled with watching TV and reading. So I got them a poker table, which is very popular. That’s all they do now.
  • Leo Wilkie is a townie (AL-socialite group, I believe), who I have as the law and justice adviser on the city council. He was the elder they both knew that had the highest relationship points.
  • Has anyone ever noticed that when sims play poker, their eyes black out. Creepy!
  • Thanks for reading! 

2 thoughts on “got enough to enjoy the good life

  1. Aww it’s sweet they bring their grandiose over. I agree they need a hobby to fill up their time, then they won’t be so bored. The poker table is a good idea too. They just need to get out of their house more.

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