snatch a piece of my wonderin’

Fall 3002: Faithbucks
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Blake is 30. Also Quinn Faulkner is 29.

narrated by Blake

It’s been several months since I left Deidre and I’m still not quite used to the single life. Since Dee and I have been married, the house was always full of sounds of children. I didn’t realize how comforting it was, now that my place is full of loud silence.

On the bright side, I get a lot of work done with no kids running around. I’m kept very busy, pulling double-duty as president at River Union Bank and as city treasurer.

On the other hand, I do miss Dee’s home-cooked meals.

I failed to appreciate having dinner ready when I got home from work, especially while I’m eating these good-for-nothing Starvin’ Marvin dinners.

I tried confiding to my sister Quinn, who laughed at my plight.

She told me that I got exactly what I wanted, when I left Dee and the kids. Of course, I was not happy that I was getting a lecture, but at least Quinn is talking to me now.

She gave me the silent treatment for a couple of months. Then that has since been followed by constant lectures and admonishments.

She swore that I left Dee because of another woman, which I’ve denied too many times. I just didn’t like the woman that Dee had become.

That didn’t sit well with Quinn at all, which prompted her to ask when the last time I had seen my daughters. I was ashamed to say that I haven’t visited Nichole, Alicia or Lauren as much as I wanted, or should.

It was something my attorney, Becca Scott, had brought up when we discuss the pending divorce. She told me that I needed to fulfill more visitations, or else it would reflect negatively on my case.

Becca then advised me that more than likely, the judge would rule largely in Dee’s favor. After all, I wanted Dee to stay home with the kids when we were together and then left her with no way to afford the house she and the kids lived in. Luckily, we were able to sell the house to the Tracy family.

We were then able to split the profit evenly. It allowed Dee to rent a townhouse, while I used my share to purchase an upscale townhouse in the Parker Estates neighborhood, against the advice from Becca. She warned that Dee might want to stake a claim in the new property, seeing that we’re still legally married. But Dee wasn’t spiteful, so I was unworried about that. Well, maybe a little.

One thing that I’m a little worried about is how close I’ve become with Becca.

She’s smart, sexy, successful and ambitious-everything Dee was not. I’d be crazy to not see that Becca is a great catch.

I’m just glad that the divorce is almost final, so I can make my move. I don’t want to get her into ethical trouble.

I’m quite pleased that she feels the same way. She wants to be discreet as possible.

Which I’ve agreed to. I can’t have nothing taint my reputation, after all.


  • The title is from All Alone by Gorillaz .
  • In case you haven’t figured it out yet, Becca is the townie that Doris brought home one day after work (her boss). Yes, the same one who went on and on about herself, and who was interested in a recently-separated man. It wasn’t Blake but she sure seems to like being the rebound woman, huh?
  • So Blake has met his hot blonde now. It grates me in knowing that they have a three-bolt chemistry as well, so after his re-roll of his turn-ons, they are even more well matched than he was with Deidre.
  • He also seems to not be completely over Dee either. Despite  that he NEVER used to spin wants for Dee, look what was in his panel when I loaded his household:

  • Which leads to the question: why he doesn’t want Tamara Juarez to die? If you recall, Tamara was recently hired as a teller in his bank. I checked both of their memories, and no ACR oopsies occurred. This is why I really don’t get Blake. The jerk never spins wants to talk to or spend time with his daughters, but he doesn’t want another married woman (who is not his friend) to die? Though I’m not surprised that he wants to marry money, being the pretentious, social-climbing snob that he is.
  • Thanks for reading!

5 thoughts on “snatch a piece of my wonderin’

  1. Popularity Sims often fear the death of anyone they’re friends with, so that’s probably why he’s worried about Tamara.

    But anyway, ugh to Blake! I’m glad he’s realising what he’s missing by not being with Dee and the kids (and that his sister is still giving him a hard time). This was what he wanted, now he’ll have to deal with it.

    And gosh, a thing with his divorce lawyer? I bet that will go over real well with Dee when she finds out!

  2. LOL! Blake is really something, at least he’s entertaining for the hood even if he is a jerk, but then again, every hood needs a jerk. I can’t believe that he’s with his divorce lawyer! Really! What does she think he’ll be willing to put forth in a relationship? Hmm, maybe she’s similar to him since she processes divorces all the time.

  3. Oh for pete’s sake Blake! The divorce lawyer? Could you be any more cliche?! I’m waiting on everything to explode around him. Because really, when you put out bad karma, it comes back to kick you in your ass lol. And shame on him for not seeing his daughters, he’s divorcing his wife, not the kids! I’m throwing cyber tomatoes at him as we speak lol

  4. I am bummed! I was hoping that as he missed Dee that he would realize that he actually missed Dee, not just spoiled aspects of a relationship. That he’d come to appreciate her, and therefore, try to work on the marriage. He’s such a jerk. Grr! And no time with his children, that just makes him even worse! I hope he pays loads of child support! And now with the blonde attorney, what a sleezeball. I do like Starr, enjoying reading about him though.

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