Circle of Life: Fall 3002 Birthdays

There are no pregnancy updates or no new birthdays for Fall… technically. But I made an error on the Summer 3002 birthdays, as I missed two!

First up is Austin Faulkner, the son of Quinn and Trent Faulkner.

Next up is his twin brother, Chase.

There’s something about those Faithbucks’ genes. There is a strong family resemblance, enough though Quinn and Blake only slightly favor each other:

I compared the Faulkner twins with Lauren and Alicia (when she was a toddler) Faithbucks. All four have the same mouth and jawline. Three have the same eyebrows, the same eye shape and the same nose. And the siblings on the right both have longer faces than the others. Interesting, eh? I’m curious to see if any inherit the Faithbucks nose that both Quinn and Blake have (look at the picture of Quinn above and you will notice the dip in the bridge of the nose; Blake has it too).

I might as well also post the shots of my playable NPCs as well, at least the ones I’ve got.

First up is Heather Fox, who is the cousin and best friend of the late, great superintendent, Amelia Meade. She currently resides in Amelia’s condo.

Lastly we meet Nigel Hoyt, and his new fiancee Allison Meyer. Nigel is an Arcturian-Sim Hybrid is currently teaches science and alien studies at Laurel Hills Secondary. Allison is currently unemployed, as she just moved to Laurel Crossing to begin her new life with Nigel; she is originally from Twikki Island.


  • I still can’t believe I completely missed the twins. But since I’ve accidentally aged them up to toddler last year, I forgot all about their actual birthday.
  • Heather was originally a dormie that befriended Amelia. I wanted to keep Amelia’s condo intact, as it took a long time to decorate per my assigned favorite color guidelines. As Heather’s favorite color is also yellow, and they got along so well, I decide to add a family connection. Since they don’t really look alike, I made them cousins.
  • So I’ve finally showcased Nigel who was always mentioned but never seen until now. I didn’t expect him to pair up with someone so quickly though. Once I moved him into his place, I decided  to use the crystal ball, curious to see if any playables matched with him. None did, but Allison was the only adult match (all others were elders). Curious, I teleported her in and it was love at-first-sight. They are very well matched. To this day, I am still unsure whether she is a Twikki Island townie or just wearing that weird outfit. Doesn’t matter now, I guess.
  • Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “Circle of Life: Fall 3002 Birthdays

  1. Thanks, I just love their jaw lines. I’m a little upset that they are thisclose to being identical twins. In my whole simming affair, I’ve only had ONE set of identical twins. There was another set that was close: they had identical features, except one had red hair, the other one was blond.

    I so want Trent and Quinn to have a girl, one that looks like Quinn, but so far they haven’t tried for a baby. One of them has an IFS of 2, the other 3, so I’m not sure if they ever will. I can only hope though.

  2. Austin and Chase are really cute! I love how they all look related in your comparison shot. I’ve never had identical twins in my game, but if you it makes you feel better, my Julius and Elias were similar as toddlers, and look nothing a like as teens in my game now. You may find they change in features as they age up.

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