come away with me

Summer 3002: Richward
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Doris Richward is 63, Vyn is 57. Also Donna is 66.

narrated by Doris

I’ve been enjoying my retirement from the legal field. I was a legal secretary for over 35 years. I’ve been trying to convince Vyn to join me, but so far I haven’t been successful.

I’ve been doing some serious flirting and schmoozing, but to no avail. She enjoys being a bookkeeper too much.

I did, however, talk her into taking a vacation.

It wasn’t hard though, as she had been wanting to visit Takemizu Village for some time now.

With the money I had been saving from my retirement bonus, I was able to book a package pretty quickly. My sister, Donna, was concerned that I was wasting my savings, when I told her about the vacation.

I informed her that Vyn and I have a nice cushion in savings to go abroad. Most of us have to scrimp and save for situations like this; not everyone can marry a wealthy widow like my sister.

Soon it was time for me to leave so I could pack, so she said her goodbyes, after agreeing to pet-sit our dog Baxter for us.

But by the time I got home, Vyn said she felt like she was coming down with a cold. There was no way we were going to miss this trip, so I made some soup for her to eat, practically poured it down her throat myself. I needed to be sure that she was better before we left in 36 hours.

Luckily, she recovered enough by the time the airport shuttle arrived. We were on our way!

The first thing we did after checking into the hotel was go on a helicopter ride. Who’s bright idea was that, being bothered by that loud contraption?

We spent the remaining time shopping and eating at all of the food venues we could find.

But alas, the vacation was over way too quickly. Vyn’s employer only gave her two days for vacation. Including the weekend, four days is not long enough for a vacation, especially when the plane ride takes several hours.

Once we arrived home, we spent the remainder of her day off having quality time.

Vyn’s still not all-the-way convinced to the notion of retirement, but I’m wearing her down!


  • The title is from Norah Jones’ song of the same name.
  • Another boring household were nothing ever happens, although Doris rolled the want to retire from her job. Then Vyn rolled a want to visit the Orient, with Doris rolling a generic vacation want. There’s not too many pictures with them on vacation, because nothing really happened. 
  • I never noticed this, but EAxis didn’t include kimonos for elders. How did that happen? I really wanted one for both women, so it looks like I will have to go shopping for a custom one.
  • Thanks for reading!

5 thoughts on “come away with me

    1. It’s funny that you like their house, as it’s one of your lots. It’s the three-townhouse lot you uploaded not too long ago, and I absolutely love it! All three units are occupied, with Doris & Vyn and Donna & Arturo in the end units, and Deidre and her girls in the middle.

  1. I don’t know the hack Starr is talking about but I think there are some elder kimonos at All About Style. Or there’s at least one, I think.

    Anyway, I think most couples Doris and Vyn’s age probably don’t lead crazy, party-filled lives. 😉 They had their youth for that and they can enjoy this quiet time they have now and just be content.

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