lucky as i can be

Summer 3002: Fontaine
last update/next update
Genesis is 21, Christy is 32, Eva is 1.

narrated by Genesis

I’ve now gotten used to the fact that I’m married with a daughter. Little Eva is so adorable; I still can’t believe she’s mine. That I’m married with a child.

My career is still on the rise. I recently had my boss come over for dinner.

It was just a social visit. She’s like a mentor to me, even though she’s not an artist.

So there was no anxiety at the table. We enjoyed a good discussion about politics and the like.

She informed me that my mural in the company’s lobby had garnered great interest in my work. She’s even gotten offers from other clients for my services.

Christy thought it was great that my artwork is gaining interest. I’m glad she finally got on board with my growing career.

After dinner, my boss told me she had a huge hankering for an ice cream sundae, so she was going to cut out early.

But before she left, she informed me that one of those offers she received was an opportunity to showcase my work for a national magazine. She even personally offered to have the showing at the office.

I was so giddy with excitement, but I managed to remain professional about it. I told her that I would call her later that week.

Christy was even more excited than me. Yes, I’ve been very lucky in life so far.


  • The title is from Lucky by Hoobastank.
  • The Fontaine household is one of the most boring, as nothing ever really happens drama-wise. Their lives are picture perfect so far.
  • Genesis got a promotion from Muralist to Conceptual Artist, which according to the job description, it seems she will be doing a lot of art showings. Maybe, I should have one in the city for her.
  • The “boss” is just a townie she brought home from work. Genesis only seems to befriend elders in my game, so I assumed this was her boss.
  • Thanks for reading! 

5 thoughts on “lucky as i can be

  1. Yes, I enjoy the “boring” families too! I always seem to manage to schedule them at just the right time, to give me a nice easy play session!

    Anyway, good on for Genesis! Have you got an art gallery or a museum in your hood? It’s a great idea to actually hold Genesis’s show.

  2. AV, you’re right that it’s a nice pace from the drama. It just makes it so hard to write.

    Carla, I don’t have a gallery yet, but I think i’ll build one just for her. I can totally see her with ashowcase in the city. Maybe I can convince the deputy mayor to have a museum or art gallery in the LC. She’s supposed to handle that stuff anyway.

  3. An art gallery would be really nice addition to the city, and a nice way to give Genesis something more to do when her update comes around. I’m sure Eva will help add additional activities too as she gets older, she’s a cutie too!

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