this heart that’s healing

Summer 3002: JuarezDo
last update/wedding update/next update
Dominic is 32, Tamara is 26, Giovanni is 5. 

narrated by Dominic

I thank the Goddess everyday that Giovanni had turned out so well-adjusted, despite having not known her mother. I must admit she’s got me wrapped around her little finger though. She asked for a cat and I immediately said yes, without even discussing it with Tamara.

Luckily, Tamara didn’t have a problem with it. But she did have a problem with allowing Giovanni blowing bubbles inside the house. I didn’t mind, but she reminded me that I was not the one having to clean up the mess. Good point.

Aside from that, Tamara is busies up her free-time after work at the bank, to read up on all of the pregnancy books. She has wanted a baby for some time now, even before her first husband died. She just wants to make sure she does “everything right.”

I reminded her that she is married to a doctor, but she ignores me and keeps on reading. I thought she was being a little too paranoid, but I was wrong.

The unthinkable happened. When she called me in tears from home, our worst fears were realized. I rushed home from the hospital as fast as I could, but it was too late. We lost the baby.

Understandably, she was depressed for a while. I tried my best to console her.

After a while, I gave up; I think I was making it worse. She blames herself for losing the baby, despite what I tell her otherwise.

The next hardest thing was to explain to my 5-year-old daughter that she won’t be a big sister right now.

She seem to take it well. I guess having a deceased mother helps in understanding any new death.

Giovanni did ask about Tamara, which I explain that she was feeling really sad right now.

Ever the optimist, she informed me that she was going to be extra good to cheer Tamara up, like giving her extra hugs and kisses, and helping out around the house.

But apparently there weren’t any hugs for me; she was saving them all for Tamara.

I hope Gigi’s plan works, as Tamara continues to have bad dreams. But thankfully, they lessen as the weeks pass.

I just make sure to be there when she wakes up.


  • The title is from All Around Me by Flyleaf.
  • Damn! My second miscarriage this round. She did have low motives but nothing in the red. She was eating dinner, for goodness’ sake. But just like what happened with Deidre, she stopping eating just to have a miscarriage. She was just about to enter the second trimester. 😦
  • I never knew that Sims could have nightmares; I’ve never noticed it. The night she lost the baby, she woke up 4 times. Poor thing.
  • I did this update different, by using first-person narrative. I found that it was easier in storytelling, so I’ll see if I do that permanently.
  • Sorry for the emotional roller coaster. Thanks for reading.

3 thoughts on “this heart that’s healing

  1. This poor family – what a tragedy!

    Sims will have nightmares if their moods are in the red. I discovered them on my first day of playing, because I was so terrible at it in the beginning!

  2. Yeah, I’m still pissed that happened. She wasn’t in the red at all. I think she had a quarter green left in most of her motives. And instead of cheating, I was going to allow her to eat and then go to bed. Next time I’m using maxmotives.

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