Circle of Life: Summer 3002 Birthdays

It was after a round of woohoo that Tamara told her husband that he was going to be a daddy again.

“That was quick,” Dominic joked.

Baby Juarez is due winter 3003.

Dominic told Giovanni the next morning.

Giovanni, who just turned 5, was excited at the prospect of becoming a big sister.

Also turning 5 is Alicia Faithbucks, who is excited in joining her older sis Nichole at Laurel Grove.

Marianne Richward is now a teen, after counting down so many days. Just another step towards her lifetime goal, to be an All-Star.

Her best friends  Janet & Denise Weber, also 12, are now on their way to make their mark at Laurel Hills.


  • I have teens finally! So far, Marianne is the only playable, but Sarai will be joining her next year. All of my other teens are playable NPCs (Janet & Denise, and Illiana’s triplets: Autumn, Summer and Winter). I can’t wait to play the high school.
  • I’m quite surprised how well Janet (purple top) aged. I like her square jaw to be added into the playable gene pool, so I might make her a playable once she hits college, if she goes. She’s… not a school person in particular. She rolled Pleasure and she’s already a little flirt with the boys, so I might have her secondary as Romance. Denise, FYI, rolled Money.

5 thoughts on “Circle of Life: Summer 3002 Birthdays

  1. Thanks; I can’t wait to see Janet in action. Her wants when she aged were: “Have first kiss, flirt with sim, Go on date, and buy a cellphone”. It looks like she’s a maneater in training.

    I hate that Alicia (and Lauren, for that matter) both look so much like their jerky father. Only Nichole is an even mix between both parents.

  2. Ohh I really like Janet’s square jaw! She’s adorable, and Marianne is really pretty as well. yay for teens! I love when the ages begin to fill out, and you get some variety to play with.

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