high on romance

Spring 3001: JuarezDi
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Diego is 35, Victoria is 33, Sergio is 9, Santiago is 7, Sabrina is 3. Also Arturo is 65, Donna is 66.

It was a few weeks after the wedding when Diego and Victoria brought the kids over for a visit at Arturo and Donna’s new home.

They had been their for about two hours until they were leaving.

“Can they stay longer?” Donna asked. “We’ve hardly seen them since the wedding.”

“How about they stay over this weekend?” Arturo asked from the floor with Sabrina.

Diego and Victoria were somewhat hesitant; Sergio and Santiago were rambunctious at times.

“It’s not like I haven’t babysat for you before,” Arturo said in between peek-a-boos, “Besides, you two need a break.”

Diego had to admit that it had been a while since they went out on a date.

“Let’s do it then,” Victoria agreed. “We’ll drop the kids off Saturday afternoon.”

Saturday morning, Sergio came into Santiago’s room to help him pack an overnight bag, per their mother’s insistence.

But they spent that time talking about what their grandparents had planned for them.

Santiago couldn’t wait to see his older brother get beat by Grandpa in chess again. Their last match was epic!

Victoria’s sister-in-law, Tamara, called while Victoria was packing.

They briefly talked about some big news to reveal.


Later that evening, Diego surprised her with plans to go to Rockport. Oh, how she missed the city!

“You look stunning,” Diego complimented his wife.

He leaned in for a kiss, before Victoria warned him to not muss her makeup. So he lightly kissed her on the tip of her nose.

They were barely settled in the car before Diego began to ask if maybe they can make better use of their evening by taking advantage of an empty house.

Victoria smirked, “I don’t think so. I’m not missing a chance to visit the city.”

An hour later, they arrived at this hot new restaurant that was located near the University of Rockport campus. It was only a few blocks from the theatre.

The interior really impressed Victoria, as did the expedient service. Their reserved table was ready on time.

To her delight, they had terrace seating. She just loved eating dinner by candlelight, taking in the city atmosphere.

Victoria expressed her gratitude on the choice of venue. She didn’t realize it, but she missed some of the city life.

“Does that mean you want to move back?” Diego asked.

Victoria considered for a moment. “No,” she finally decided. “I like it in the suburbs; I was just feeling a bit nostalgic. We should visit the city more often, just to get my fixed,” she joked.

They talked about a variety of subjects. When the topic turned to Donna, Victoria admitted that she liked Donna after all.

“See, I told you to give her a chance,” Diego reminded her.

“Yes, she is good for him,” she agreed. “At least the kids got more cousins in the deal.”

“We should be hurrying along; I don’t want to miss the first curtain call,” she said, referring to the play they had tickets to.

“But first, to us…” he began.

“To the past eleven years, and for a hundred more.”


Either it was being in the city, the intimate ambiance of the dinner or the romantic play, but Diego and Victoria could not keep their hands off one another during intermission.

Or lips. By the time the curtain rose for the second act, they were already on their way back home.

That’s when they really took advantage of an empty house.


  • The title is from A Night on the Town (with Snow White) by Crack the Sky.
  • I initially didn’t know what to do about this update, until I was inspired while brief playing Arturo and Donna’s new digs. I was moving them in and Diego and Victoria both walked by. I invited them in and tele-ported the kids for a family visit. The adults kept talking about the wedding, the theatre and travel (with Diego talking about himself constantly). From that convo, I thought I would do date night for the Juarez’s. Plus, I wanted to test out the Black Fin restaurant lot.
  • I also threw in a couple shots of the boys, as I never really shown them up close. I never really noticed this before but damn, Sergio will be a real heart-breaker when he grows up.
  • And a not-so-subtle clue on what Victoria and Tamara were speaking about:

  • Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “high on romance

  1. I have to admit that I was distracted during this update with all the great shots and interior decorating and clothing selections and hair selections. Everything is perfect for this family, love it. So which one is pregnant?

  2. The next update will be for Summer 3002 birthdays. Hmm, which will it be?

    As far as decorating, I’ve been diligent in applying my guidelines for assigning favorite colors. Victoria’s is red, so she would wear red all the time; Diego’s is black. I cannot remember Santiago’s, but I ended up using the Nautical bedroom set from Cashcraft at TSR. I’ve been wanting to use it and since Santiago is a playful sim, I figured that he would enjoy the room.

    The restaurant played really well. The terrace seating is used first, before the hostess begins seating people inside. I’m thinking about moving the podium to the second level. I just love the street background from the terrace though.

    Thanks for reading.

  3. Ohh I really like the restaurant, I’m with Victoria, eating outdoors in the city (or by a river) is really just awesome! I’m a little jealous she got to do that! It’s been on my list all summer long, and it just hasn’t worked out. How did you get them to seat everyone outside first? That’s always my issue with my two story restaurant, The Red Mill, they always, always take them upstairs first, kills me! I’ve taken the stairs away for now, just out of desperation.

    I am looking forward to seeing who is expecting, and the boys, and especially Sabrina are adorable! I love how they pressed to watch the kids, and am glad that they accepted.

    1. It’s actually the opposite for me. The hostess wants to take them outside first. I think because of the layout. On the first floor, indoors is the bar and hostess podium, plus the terrace seating. Then the next two floors are the inside seating. I guess the hostess fills the seating on the same floor as her podium. You can see the layout at N99 here: http://starlightsims.yuku.com/topic/53161/The-Black-Finn-a-restaurant

      The secret pregnancy will be revealed on the next update, which is summer birthdays.

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