Meet me at the Altar: Richward-Juarez Wedding

As the Juarez was a popular and respectable family, they had many family and friends. Because of this, they only had to limit the guest list to family only. It was still  nearly a packed church.

Donna and Arturo hardly noticed; they only had eyes for each other.

Indeed, they were just happy that both of them could find love again after so many years widowed alone.

The ceremony without a hitch. There was not a dry tear in the house, at least by the adults anyway.

The concluding kiss brought a standing ovation.

On the way to the banquet hall, Arturo finally met Donna’s son-in-law, Jeffrey Underwood. Being chief of police was very busy work, after all.

Doris was the first to hit the champagne, which Victoria noticed with a smirk. Or maybe the smirk was because of Diego?

No one did see them in the ten minutes following the ceremony.

Doris set off the reception with a toast to the new wedded couple.

Apparently her speech was a hit because her table seemed to be the most popular.

Santiago was being very helpful in cleaning up, before Victoria reminded him that the hired help took care of clearing the table.

After dinner was over, the wedding cake was served. Arturo had delicately fork-fed Donna, after she warned him of soiling her dress.

Soon after, the couples hit the dance floor, with the kids gagging over their parents slow dancing.

Sergio and Santiago were especially embarrassed, with the way their parents were smooching all over the place. Yuck!

Donna and Arturo headed outside to talk their wedding portraits before it became dark outside.


  • Some extra shots: 

  • I used Lakeside Heights’ First Grace Church, remodeled by me; it’s been renamed Brookhollow Grace Church. It’s seems adequate for my church weddings; I’m still trying to get a hang of having community lot weddings.
  • Diego and Victoria weren’t the only ones to USE the photo booth. In fact, all couples used it, except the Donna & Arturo and Doris & Vyn. It looks like the elders are the only ones with sense enough to not woohoo in church! Luckily, no oopsie conceptions occurred.
  • It seems I wasn’t completely prepared for this wedding. I thought I had changed everyone’s formal wear, but I apparently didn’t. Britney and Cora were both supposed to be wearing the same pink dress as Victoria, and Sarai and Marianne were supposed to have matching formal dresses as well, not those sundresses. Vyn wasn’t dressed up at all (why is that ugly dress set in formal wear anyway?) and Jeffrey looks ridiculous in that white tux. Better luck next time, I guess.
  • Thanks for reading!



8 thoughts on “Meet me at the Altar: Richward-Juarez Wedding

  1. I was going to ask if that was First Grace Church! I have that in my hood too, also (slightly) remodelled. And the one time I’ve used it, for Aaron and Calvin’s wedding, the photo booth was also very popular, lol!

    Anyway, this was a gorgeous wedding! I love the last picture especially – Donna is like the cutest little elder lady ever!

  2. I agree, Donna is too cute! That last shot was really gorgeous :). It was a beautiful wedding. It’s a pain trying to change everyone’s formal wear for these things isn’t it? And someone is always left out! My main concern is usually the bridal party, everyone else is a bonus if I remember to change their outfit lol.

  3. What a pretty wedding! I love what you did with the church, it looks so nice. The newlyweds are very cute together and I love the posed pictures at the end! I tend to steer clear of community lot weddings because they’re just so hard to control. I know others are really good at it, but I’ve never gotten the hang of it. But yours looked great!

  4. Donna is a beautiful bride, and the entire ceremony was lovely. I didn’t notice anything about bad dresses or white tuxes, I was completely taken in by how beautiful it all was, and it seemed to be flawless to me! The church looked really nice, and lol at the photo booth, too bad no oopsie pregnancy for your hood though. I was going to guess Victoria got pregnant, until I got to the end, now I’m back to no idea on which is expecting the new baby.

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