go out on a limb and just dream

Spring 3002: Faulkner
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Trent is 32, Quinn is 29, Austin and Chase are 10 months. Also Blake Faithbucks is 30.

Trent spent over 10 minutes in the lounge area, waiting for his brother-in-law. He had an appointment with Blake, to discuss his loan application. Just as Trent wondered if Blake was keeping him waiting on purpose, considering their rocky relationship, Blake appeared to direct him to his office.

“Sorry for the wait, Trent,” Blake greeted him with a firm handshake. “My last appointment ran a little late.”

Trent mustered a believable smile. “Sure, no problem.”

Once seated, each man took a few moments to sum the other up.

Blake broke the silence first. “I’ve had a chance to look over your business loan application,” he began. “I must say, I’m very impressed with everything submitted. Everything seems to be in order.”

Trent sensed a veiled insult. What did he expect for me to do? Fill it out in crayon? he thought furiously.

But Trent decided to brush it off. “Yes, Quinn and I have been planning for quite a well, putting together the business plan. Now that I have been with the Quarterly for a while, I’ve decided to publish my own newspaper. It’s been a lifetime aspiration of mine for as long as I can remember.”

“As you may not know, running your own business is hard work. Taking out a sizable business loan, as well as becoming your own boss, is risky,” Blake informed him.

“Look, Blake, it’s not like I’m hitting you up for money,” Trent said, fed up with the insinuations. “I’ve made the decision to begin my publishing career and have already placed and won an offer to buy the Quarterly. Now, I do not have to get a loan from River Union Bank; I can take my business elsewhere. But because you are my wife’s brother, I am offering familial courtesy.

“You may not like me, and I do not agree with your personal decisions, but I do expect professionalism from you,” Trent further explained. “Can you deal with that?”

Blake stared at Trent for a moment, and after slightly nodding his head, as if he had decided something, he said, “All right. Let’s get down to business.”


Quinn was just finishing up dinner when Trent arrived back home. “So, how did it go with my brother?” she asked.

“A little rocky at first,” Trent admitted. “But once I laid it all out, it proceeded very smoothly. I was approved for the loan.”

“So you put him in his place, huh?” Quinn smirked. “Good. I can’t stand how he did Deidre. Leaving her with three kids to raise? It just burns me.”

“I agree; it was totally unexpected,” Trent said.

“Not to me,” Quinn revealed. “I knew, when Dee told me how he was being all cold and distant, that he lost interest in her. That’s how my brother is. But I didn’t expect him to roll out with three little ones, in that big house she can’t afford.”

“Well, I’m done talking about what a prick your brother is,” Trent announced. “Let’s talk about something else.”

“Well, now that you’ve got the loan, what happens now?” Quinn asked, referring to his business venture.

“Once I have transmitted the funds to the city, I will have the ownership rights of the paper and newsletter transferred to me. I’ll officially be publisher!”

“That’s terrific, babe, fulfilling your dream. What will you call the paper?” she asked.

“I’m thinking of combining both publications and just calling the paper, the Town Crier. It sounds better,” Trent suggested.

“Sounds perfect,” Quinn agreed.


  • The title is from Dream by Miley Cyrus.
  • So there’s the business idea that Trent had last year. He is in the journalism career and almost to the top of the career, so I decided to have him buy the LC’s newspaper. They really weren’t doing anything with it anyway (because of me, of course).
  • And yes, another Faulkner update without the twins. Somehow, I don’t have any pictures of the twins as infants, and they’re already toddlers in game. Don’t fret too much, because their first birthday is coming up in the next birthday update.
  • I rebuilt River Union bank, when I redid the city. Since there were barely any shots of the interior, I’ll upload a lot tour on N99. It’s purely a career and civic lot, as Blake gets his salary in the business career and as city treasurer. Anyone who will need a job in banking or business will be employed here. In fact, the meeting he was coming from before he met up with Trent was for a job interview:

Thanks for reading!

7 thoughts on “go out on a limb and just dream

  1. Yay for Trent! Blake is such an arrogant prick, it was time for someone to take him down a notch! I’m excited for Trent as he starts this new venture, I’m sure he will be very successful 🙂

  2. I love the little bit of the new bank that we’ve seen. The decorating looks wonderful. That’s a neat idea to have a sim buy the newspaper. Are you planning on doing anything with it? Or is it just for storytelling purposes?

  3. Like everybody else, I was kind of cheering Trent on as well! Love how even Blake’s own sister can see how terribly he’s behaved towards his family.

  4. Add me to the Trent-Cheering club!! Ugh, Blake is such a … not nice word! Im glad that Quinn isn’t on her brother’s side for how horrible he treated his own wife and children. Here’s hoping Trent’s business venture goes well.

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