a sea of green i see

Spring 3001: Underwood
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Jeffrey is 36, Britney is 33, Sarai is 11, Courtney is 1, Donna (Richward) is 66. (Also Denise Weber is 12).

Britney sighed. “This show is crap; isn’t there anything else on?” she said, reaching for the remote.

Britney growled again as she flipped through the channels.  “Well, you don’t have to watch TV, you know. If you don’t like it, then turn it off,” Jeffrey remarked.

Britney scowled at her husband, clearly not amused. “I know you’re on vacation and all, but can’t you find something else more productive to do?” Jeffrey reasoned. “Didn’t you want to take up gardening as a hobby?”

She stood up, with her husband following suit. “Yeah, I hear it’s very soothing.”

“How about I go to the home improvement store to pick up supplies? I’ll pick up all the essentials and you can get started,” Jeffrey suggested.

Britney agreed, and while he was gone, she began skimming the gardening how-to book that she picked up last year, but never got around to reading.

The rest of the Wednesday was spent putting in tulips and other flowers.

By the end of the day, Britney began a small garden for some vegetables as well.

That night, Sarai brought home a friend from school, Denise Weber. Sarai was tutoring her in science, and Donna invited her to stay for dinner. Britney had to call the Weber House to obtain permission, as Denise was one of the wards at the orphanage.

They talked about what was going on at the school, and how the students were adjusting after the death of the principal.

The dinner-table conversation ended up on the topic of where Arturo and Donna were going to live after they married.


  • The title is from the song Greenthumb by Bongzilla
  • Britney rolled the FEELING CREATIVE ROS. I had a hard time with this one. She’s a nurse, so I didn’t see her starting a business. Because she has a stressful job, I figure having a gardening hobby would help de-stress her.
  • Yes, Denise is actually Marianne’s friend, but Sarai brought her home from school. Since they’re only a year apart and Sarai is super-smart, I went with the tutoring angle.
  • As a reminder, Denise is one of my resident orphans. They all have the last name Weber, thus the orphanage called the Weber House.
  • Wow, I just realized that I fulfilled four of the five scenarios in a row. That was not planned; that was just my procrastination. 

4 thoughts on “a sea of green i see

  1. Actually, they are a part of the adoption pool, so the Weber House only exists in name. I
    But I could build one and keep the orphans who are playable NPCs there. I’ll keep you updated.

  2. I always like to see how people incorporate their ROS. That’s one of the great things about them, it leaves you to be creative with how to implement it in a way that makes sense.

  3. What a cute little garden! I love the pink and blue flowers together. Also, those pictures in the dining room are really cute! I just had 2 ROS in a row too and didn’t realize it, so I know how you feel.

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