Circle of Life: Spring 3002 Birthdays

It’s time for little Courtney Underwood’s birthday! The party was only immediate family.

Happy birthday, Courtney!


  • So Courtney’s features were a surprise. I have no idea who she looks like. She favors neither Britney or Jeffrey, not even any other Richward (Doris, Donna or Cora).
  • But she does have genetic freckles and look at those chubby cheeks! 

4 thoughts on “Circle of Life: Spring 3002 Birthdays

    1. Maybe her features will come out as she ages to child. I did create the Richwards in CAS, so maybe she favors the phantom husband to Donna? Or maybe she’s an actual mix between Jeff and Brit? I guess we’ll see.

    1. I pulled up their profiles, and it looks like Courtney has her father’s eye shape and color, his nose and possibly his mouth. I think she gets her chubby cheeks from her mother. So it looks like she may favor Jeff after all.

      I just discovered your blog, and I enjoyed it. I’ll be adding yours to the list. Thanks for reading!

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