a hammer to these walls

Winter 3002: Faithbucks
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Blake is 30, Deidre is 26, Nichole is 7, Alicia is almost 5, Lauren is 3. 

“What are you smirking about?” Deidre asked late one night.

“I’m wondering how in the world did I end up with you?” Blake sneered.

Shocked, Deidre jumped out of bed. “Who are you talking to like that?”

Blake walked over to her. “I’m talking to you,” he said, jabbing her shoulder angrily. “A sorry, pitiful excuse for a wife.”

“How dare you!” Deidre said, enraged. “How dare you to talk to me like this! I’m your wife!”

“Well, that can easily be corrected,” he said coolly. “I don’t know what I was thinking, marrying a woman like you. You walk around moping, boo-hooing and what-not. It’s so damn depressing. You barely talk to me or the kids. You don’t work-”

“Don’t work! You are the one who INSISTED that I stay home with the kids! You’ve got a lot of nerve-”

“It’s over,” Blake said bluntly.

Deidre turned to walk over from him. “I can’t believe this is happening…” she mumbled.

“What else is new?” he snidely commented. “It’s been a year! You’ve been so self-involved that you have-”

“Self-involved? We lost a child! Not that you care! You hypocrite! You walk around, acting so self-important to your colleagues, but you look your nose down at the people who matter. Your wife, your sister, even your own children!”

Unfazed, Blake replied, “Whatever, I’m leaving in the morning.” He turned to leave. “You can keep the house,” he said on the way out.


Sure enough, Blake’s cab arrived at dawn.

Deidre desperately ran after Blake. “Wait! You can’t do this!”

“Enough Deidre,” Blake remarked, his back to her. “You’re embarrassing yourself.” He entered the cab without looking back.

“Mommy? Where’s Daddy going?” Nichole asked her mom. She had followed her mother outside.

To hell I hope, she thought, but said, “On a trip. Let’s get inside and make some breakfast.


“Daddy’s not coming back, is he?” Nichole asked the following evening.

“No, he’s not coming back,” Deidre admitted.

“Are you getting divorced?” Nichole continued.

Tears welled in Deidre’s eyes, but she fought them back. “Yes, it seems so.”

“Are we going to move too? I’m going to miss my friends!” she began to whimper.

“Most likely,” Deidre admitted again. Because the bastard left me with a large mortgage and no job to pay for it, she thought furiously. “But we’re not leaving town, Nickie. Probably to a new house. I’m so sorry, honey.”

Nichole paused for a moment and then said, “It’s okay. I don’t like that he made you cry.”

Deidre was surprised. “Plus, he didn’t really play with me, Al and Lauren very much. He’s not a nice daddy.”

“Don’t say that sweetie. It’s just… me and daddy is not good together right now. But we both love you very much.”

Nichole just mumbled okay before announcing that she was going to bed.

Deidre thought about the last 48 hours. How much things can change in 2 days!

Regardless, it was her and the girls now. It was just time to pick up the pieces and carry on.


  • The title is fromOver You by Daughtry.
  • Yes, Blake is an obnoxious, pretentious, snobby prick, so it’s quite fittingly that he rolled the CHANGE OF HEART ROS. His turn-ons were originally for black hair and makeup, but he has now rolled for blonde hair and fitness. So the jerk now wants a hot blonde.
  • So I’ve added his household to the end of the rotation and still will be known as the Faithbucks household. Deidre’s will be called FaithDee, and will have the same position in the update sequence.
  • I’m debating if I want to do a special update showing the divorce. I’m not quite sure as it will be intensive with all the posing and staging and what-not.
  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: bastard! 

8 thoughts on “a hammer to these walls

  1. Blake is definitely a sorry SOB! No consideration for her or the children. I hope Deidre can get through this without it making her bitter. And even though he is definitely a bastard, I do hope he tries a little harder with the kids. For their sake, not his. He can go somewhere and rot!!! What an arrogant prick >:0

  2. I’ve never liked Blake. Even though she matched his turn on perfectly, he never rolled any wants for her. He in fact had a fear of having another baby. But wouldn’t you know, when I moved him into his new place, he had a want to woohoo her and have another baby! Although he is a pleasure sim, his secondary money asp completely takes over. So I figure he is a snobby little prick. He has never rolled wants for his kids ever. I was so steamed when I rolled his new turn ons. Hot blonde my ass! A total opposite of what Dee is, as she gained weight and has black hair.

    Can you tell how mad I am at Blake? LOL

  3. Poor Deirdre…and the kids, of course. I’m definitely not fond of Blake right now. And now that he’s left Deirdre, he wants her back and to have another baby?!? What a jerk he is.

    Looking forward to seeing how this family copes now.

  4. Poor Deidre! Yikes on the bedroom scene, what a jerk! How fitting for the ROS though! I really love that, it’s like it knew exactly what was on his mind. He was always so insensitive with the loss, that I can see this happening, and just exploding like this. Poor kids though to have him just storm off in the morning, no goodbyes, no arrangement to see them again soon, not making sure they can keep their home. Jerk!

  5. That so messed up. Blake certainly is cold hearted. I hope Deidre can pull herself together and take him alimony and support. The way he left her was unconscionable.

  6. Wow that was harsh. He could have been a little bit more considerate. If he really thought sh was a bad mother he would have taken the children with him. Jerk

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