get out of town

Winter 3002: Tracy Household
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Liam is 33, Cora is 30, Adriana is 3, Jordan is 1 month, Marianne (Richward) is 11 1/2.

The shock of the sudden death of Amelia Meade still hadn’t lifted in the Tracy household. Principal Meade was Marianne’s favorite teacher, so it was not unexpected that she would take it hard. Christmas was very subdued this time around.

Liam and Cora was worried about Marianne, who was still shut up in her room.

“Why don’t we go away for a while?” Liam suggested to Cora. “I’ve been itching for us to try out the new vacation house in Twikki Island, ever since we bought it.”

“What about the little ones? Adriana is too young to go with us, and Jordan is barely a month old. I really don’t want to leave him so soon. Why don’t you and Marianne go, just the two of you?”

“I think it’s better for both of us to be here for Marianne, to help her grieve. Besides, the babies can be with your Doris and Vyn. Or with Britney and Jeffrey.”

“I don’t want to inconvenience Brit and Jeff with a newborn, and there’s no way my mom is watching the baby.” Cora thought for a moment. “Okay, we can get a nanny. But we can only be gone for only a few days.”

Liam readily agreed. “Let me check the airline schedule.”

Two days later, they arrived at their new beach house in Twikki Island.

Within an hour, Marianne seemed to perk up greatly. While her parents decided to do some suntanning, Marianne busied herself combing the sand for seashells and building sandcastles.

The following hours were filled with seeing the local sights.

They spent a considerable amount of time on the shipwreck attractions.

The next morning, Cora called home to check on the kids and found that Adriana had a fever.

“It looks as though we’re going home a day early; Adriana is ill,” she told Liam.

“Well, you don’t have to look so giddy about it,” he smirked.

Marianne didn’t mind going home early. At least she would be able to rock a tan when she returned to school next week.

Cora did have to admit that it was nice to get away for a long weekend. They would have to try to vacation out here every year.

It turned out that Cora overreacted; Adriana’s temperature was only 99.1 degrees. Nonetheless, Cora was glad to be back near her babies.

“Why don’t you and Marianne go ice-skating? It’s perfect weather out now,” Cora suggested.

Liam agreed and the two went to the local skate park. Sporty Marianne took to ice-skating pretty well, unsurprisingly.

Meanwhile, Cora relished in having the house to herself (mostly) and indulged in her secret pleasure.


  • The title is from On the Beach by Neil Young.
  • Liam had the MAKE IT HAPPEN ROS this round. His biggest want was to have an island vacation; Cora had a generic vacation want, so off to Twikki Island they went. Plus, they had a lot of extra money so I went ahead and purchased a beach house for them.
  • It turns out that Amelia was very well-admired. Every household that I’ve entered, sims have a want to resurrect Amelia.

3 thoughts on “get out of town

  1. How sad for little Marianne! By the way, I love her outfit! And I giggled a little at Cora not wanting to leave the little ones behind, even for a nice vacation on the beach :). I’m glad Liam got them out of the house though, sometimes you just have to take a step back and regroup when tragedy strikes.

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