goodbye brown eyes

Winter 3001: Meade
last update
Amelia Meade is 26. Also Heather Fox is 21, Illiana Greer is 40.

“Okay, Mia, what’s so important that I had to drive all the way from Rockport?” Illiana asked.

“Ha! I know for a fact that you were in town already and that you walked from your last appointment,” Amelia countered.

“Details, details,” Illiana joked. “So, what’s up? What’s the big news?”

“I’m getting married.”

“That’s wonderful news! I didn’t know you were seeing anyone!”

“No one did; it was my little secret,” Amelia mused.

“He’s not married, is he?” Illiana asked, dismayed.

“No! It’s just that, he’s my boss..”

“Your boss? The mayor? I see why you had to keep it a secret. Geesh, what a scandal that would have been.”

“It’s not like he was married.”

“But he’s your boss. What if I had a relationship with a student, with me being a professor? It would have been just as scandalized.”

“Well, he’s not my boss anymore; I’ve turned in my resignation,” Amelia revealed.

“I hope he didn’t ask you to do this-”

“No, it was my idea. I love him; I want to marry him. I just don’t want to risk his career for that. I can get any kind of education job, but he was made to be mayor.”

“Is that why I’m here? To get your foot in the door at Rockport?”

“Actually, I want you to be my replacement. As superintendent and education advisor on the council.”

“But I’m a college professor.”

“Yeah, but you told me you wanted something different. With all of your awards and credentials, I would love it if you took over,” Amelia argued. “Think about it. You’ll be in charge of an entire school district; you decide which direction the schools will go.”

“No more arguing with administration over my curriculum? That sounds nice,” Illiana mused.

Amelia thought of Summer Frazier, but kept mum. “And you said you’ve been wanting something different anyway,” Amelia continued.

“Well, I’m not tenured, which sucks. But… I’ll have to think about it some more.”

“Please do,” Amelia encouraged. “There’s no one else I’d rather hand the reins off to more than you.”

Illiana rose to leave for her next appointment. “Just talk about it with Harold,” Amelia said, referring to Illiana’s husband. “Give him my love, and to the three musketeers as well.”

“You mean the three stooges,” Illiana laughed, thinking of her triplet children. “Now, that they’re teenagers, they’re driving me nuts!” Illiana hugged her again. “Take care, and congratulations.”


The next person she confided in was her first cousin, Heather Fox, who was visiting for Christmas break.

“Wow! My cuz is getting married!” Heather gushed. “When’s the big day?”

“Don’t know yet, but we haven’t officially announced my involvement with Dimitri yet so it’ll probably be sometime next year.”

“I’m so happy for you! I’m maid of honor, right?”

“Of course!” Amelia laughed. They talked some more about the wedding, before Heather left to do some Christmas shopping.

Amelia was not one to complain, so she never mentioned to anyone that she’d been having a headache since last night. As she lounged on the sofa, her neck was hurting too. Figuring that it was just stress, she decided to change and do some yoga. Maybe that would help.

After changing, she felt even worse. Her neck was really getting uncomfortable.

By the time, she made it downstairs, she was feeling even more lethargic. Sleep, she decided, would be the best. If she didn’t feel any better, she’d see a doctor.

Unfortunately, she didn’t make it to the bed. The last thing she thought of, was how much she wanted Dimitri to be there when she fell.

Heather found her three hours later.


A minute later, Dimitri was trying to understand a hysterical Heather. But he soon understood a moment later, that his world has ended.


  • The title is from Goodbye by a lullaby Avril Lavigne. I thought this was the perfect song for this update, so much so, that you can watch the video on YouTube here.
  • This was the Death by Illness ROS for this round. My very first round that killed off my favorite sim. Oh, how I will miss you Amelia!
  • Sorry for all the yellow. It turned out that both Amelia and her cousin’s favorite color is yellow, per my color guidelines. I think it suits her. I originally decorated red for her, but in hindsight, I realized that all that red decor would have clashed with her red hair.
  • Heather Fox was originally a dormie in my game. I wanted Amelia to have some kind of family, so with SimPE I made her Amelia’s cousin. She will be a playable NPC.
  • Illiana Greer was my first playable NPC. She playtested my in-hood universities. I ended up marrying her to another townie, Harold, and they had triplets, two girls and a boy, Autumn, Summer, and Winter. The whole family will be playable NPCs, with Illiana taking over as education advisor and the triplets being the first students in my new high school.
  • I will update the blog with a page for my playable NPCs. Check for updates soon. 

5 thoughts on “goodbye brown eyes

  1. How much does that suck?! Things were going so well for her, it’s truly a tragedy! This is going to turn Dimitri’s world upside down :(. I’m with Starr, I would have rerolled! It would be too hard for me :/. I don’t even have a death ROS yet, I’m waiting a bit for my population to grow first. Such a tragedy……

  2. Yes I wanted to reroll so bad! I delayed her death until her last household update of the round. I was so looking forward to their pretty babies and now I’m at a loss as to who to match with Dimi now.

    To honor her memory, I’m naming the academie as Meade College.

    I will also do a lot tour of her condo on N99.

  3. Oh no! I was so not expecting that ending. How sad. I really liked her and Dimitri together. And I agree with everyone else, I wouldn’t be able to kill off my favorite sim!

  4. What a way for your first time using ROS to go and with a favorite sim. Poor Amelia and Dimitri, I was looking forward to seeing their wedding. I am sure the pictures would have been beautiful.

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