Circle of Life: Winter 3001 Birthdays

Shortly before the winter holidays, Cora Tracy went into labor.

It looks like Liam got his wish: it’s a boy! He has his dad’s red hair and brown eyes. He may look just like daddy.

Welcome to the world, Jordan Tracy!

He’s already making himself at home. So far, he’s just as rambunctious as his older sisters.

Genesis and Christy’s daughter, Eva Fontaine is celebrating her first birthday as well.


  • Liam and Cora are so damn fertile! As soon as they had little Jordan, they congratulated each other with woohoo. Because they’re both non-neat sims, they are not on birth control, and voila! They’re knocked up again! I might just have to step in this time. Or maybe I should double-check my calculations for their IFS (per Apple Valley’s method). These two just won’t stop having babies!

5 thoughts on “Circle of Life: Winter 3001 Birthdays

  1. Aww, the post-birth woohoo, I’ve had to step in numerous times. I just pretend that I’m the doctor enforcing the six weeks rule 😛

    ~Apple Valley

  2. LOL, that’s how Nick and Sarah got knocked up again! I said on my blog that I guess it must happen a lot, seeing there are siblings out there who are nine months apart but WOW!

    Eva is just too cute for words – look at those little chubby cheeks!

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