are you gonna be my girl?

Fall 3001: Barnes household
last update/ next update
Dimitri Barnes is 27. Also Amelia Meade is 26.

“Smells good,” Amelia admitted. “I hope you know watch you’re doing.”

“Please woman, I got this,” Dimitri replied. “Just sit back and watch me work.”

“Yeah, right. More like watch you burn the food,” she smirked.

But it turned out that Dimitri could cook after all and they had a delicious meal. Afterwards, they retired to the living room.

“Mia, you’re awfully preoccupied,” Dimitri commented. “Am I that boring?”

“I’m sorry; I guess I’ve got a lot on my mind tonight,” Amelia admitted.

“Well, I’ve got the cure for that,” he cooed. “Why don’t you scoot over a little closer?”

Amelia rolled her eyes, but cuddled up to him nonetheless. “Better?” he asked.

She sighed before answering, “A little better.”

“I know how to make it even better…”

“How’s this?” Dimitri asked, two seconds later.

“Yes, much better,” she giggled before giving him a smooch on the lips.

“This is great; I wish I could just hold you just like this,” Dimitri said longingly.

Abruptly, Amelia jumped up from his lap.

“What’s wrong,” he asked, alarmed.

“It’s just getting to me,” Amelia admitted. “The late-night rendezvous’, the sneaking around…”

“We could go public. I can-” Dimitri offered.

“I won’t let you ruin your career like that, or mine,” she said, anguished.

“I’ll quit, just to be with you,” he insisted.

Amelia opened her mouth to argue, but he shut them when he uttered, “Marry me.”

She stammered for a moment, before she somewhat recovered. “But what about-”

“Listen,” he said, pulling her closer. “I love you, and I know you love me. There are no better reasons to get married. Forget about everyone and everything else. I’ll resign if it becomes a problem.”

Amelia listened intently as tears swelled in her eyes.

“Just tell me you love me,” he continued, “and we can begin the rest of our lives.”


  • The title is from Will You be my Girl? from the Jet.
  • These two are absolutely made for each other. They each have 3-bolt for each other, and not a day goes by with either of them spinning a want to each other at least once daily.
  • This is actually part one of the Barnes update; part two will be the city council update. Normally, I won’t have the council meetings apart of Dimitri’s update, but considering how this particular storyline comes about, I will this time. 

3 thoughts on “are you gonna be my girl?

  1. Aw, so sweet! I couldn’t have resisted a couple this cute either.

    I hope they can somehow manage to be together and keep their positions but I love that Dimitri was willing to give his up, just for Amelia.

    1. I hope so too, but I’m not surprise at Dimitri’s response. He’s all about fair play. In his mind, she’s an educator and he’s just another politician, a dime a dozen. He would sacrifice his career for the woman he loves.

      Thanks for reading. 😉

  2. How romantic! I love that he’s willing to give it up for her, not many would do that! It’s hard not letting two sims be together who want it so badly. I’m a sucker for romance so I would have given up too lol. Can’t wait to see how it plays out.

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