Meet me at the Altar: Townsend-Juarez Wedding

Fall 3001
Dominic Juarez (30), Tamara Townsend (25)
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Dominic couldn’t wait any longer, so he moved up the wedding a whole six months early. Since it was uncharacteristically warm for October, he decided to hold it at Rose Hill Park.

The ceremony went off without a hitch.

The reception, also held at Rose Hill, began right after.

His family and friends were thrilled that Dominic found love again. He grieved for his late wife for three years, before meeting Tamara.

After the toast, however, his loved ones knew at last that he was finally happy.

Everyone enjoyed the catering.

Especially Arturo, who suggested to Donna that they use the same caterer at their upcoming wedding as well.

Dominic was even more eager to begin their honeymoon, as was Tamara, who was right behind him in their rush to the limo.

After all, it had been several years of celibacy between the two of them!


  • The title is from the Jagged Edge’s song of the same name. For now, all of my documented weddings with all this title.
  • And so, another bachelor is off the market! If the ceremony seems rushed, it’s because I took these pictures about six months ago and I forgot what was going on. Plus, this was a test run of my wedding park.
  • I love it when couples sit together at parties, and everyone did at this wedding… except the bride and groom!
  • I expect this picture to be hung on their wall:

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