Laurel Grove: Fall 3001 semester

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Principal/Superintendent: Amelia Meade; Teachers: Quinn Faulker, Devon Summerfield

Students: Nichole Faithbucks, Santiago Juarez, Chad Weber (all 6); Sergio Juarez (8), Sarai Richward (11); Marianne Richward, Denise Weber, Janet Weber (all 11)

3001-3002 school year: Fall semester

Another school year has begun. Even though the novelty of the new school has worn off, Amelia refuses to allow complacency within her school. By mid-semester, the school is a well-oiled machine. She was even able to combine the two lunches to have more class time for the students.

Quinn eats with the Juarez brothers and their friend Chad, silently musing with herself how soon her own boys will be attending this school. Denise, however, wonders how in the world she ended up eating these boys and not with her friends.

Janet and Marianne wonder that too as they saved her a seat at their table. Devon is regretting his decision sitting at the table with all girls; their girly chatter is so mind-numbing. He wonders if it’s too late to switch with Quinn.

Amelia joins them for lunch. Devon, overjoyed for the chance at adult talk, jumps into conversing with the principal. After a lull into the conversation, Amelia reminds the sixth-graders at the table of their one-on-one conference with her that afternoon.

Marianne and Janet’s eyes immediately haze over. One-on-one?

All kids rejoice when it’s time for recess! Three kids race over to the swings, and Sergio decides to push Sarai while waiting for a free swing.

Growing quickly tired of the swing, Marianne spends the reminder of recess on the monkey bars.

Meanwhile, Marianne climbs onto the play tower and checks to see if she can she her house from up there. (Tip: Marianne, your house is in the other direction.)

Classes resume and Marianne is thrilled that their teacher had them running soccer drills. She was in heaven!

Especially when she scored against the teacher!

Soon it was time for her conference. Amelia began a new policy that all graduating sixth-graders have individual conferences for academic advisement.

Marianne tells Ms. M “no worries” as she is doing well in all of her classes, even math.

Amelia informs Marianne that high school  is more than about just getting good grades.

“You’ll soon transition into a teen, and you will need to choose what direction you want to go to in life,” she says.

Amelia tells her about how natural talents in art, but Marianne proceeds to inform her principal on her aspiration to be an athletic star and be famous and uber-rich.

Amelia then tells her that she needs to be a little more concrete than that. Are you planning to go to college? What college do you want to go to? What if you don’t get drafted to a team? What is your back-up plan?

Marianne didn’t think of those things; she was only focused on becoming a jock star. She did have a lot to think about after all.

Amelia told her that she did have a little over seven years to decide but she should start thinking about so she can adequately plan for the future. Marianne nodded in thanks and returned to class.

She returned to find that her friends were busy studying in the library. It looks like they took their conference with Ms. M to heart.

This theme seemed to carry over to the lower grades as well. Sarai, who loves studying, was buckling down hard on the books.

No worries, as they all escaped to the playground after school for release.


  • So there’s another school update! Just one more semester and I’ll finally have some teens to play in the hood!
  • The 6th grade conferences are my way of determining which aspiration to give to students before they transition to teen-hood. Some sims exhibit some tendencies that make it very easy to choose (like Sarai, for example). I also check their skills to make sure that they pass their SPATs.
  • Marianne is really set on being a jock. Her OTH is sports and she stays spinning wants to play baseball and football, but her sport of choice is soccer. Even if her stepfather Liam doesn’t get his son, he can still have his “son” in tomboyish Marianne.
  • As a parting gift, I leave you with some spammage of Marianne in her conference. Her expressions are hilarious!

2 thoughts on “Laurel Grove: Fall 3001 semester

  1. That’s Amelia for ya! She is all about education. She’s trying to get Marianne to not just focus on sports. Also, the “conference” is also my way to using your system of determining aspiration, future careers and traits (which I love BTW). That way I’m prepared when it’s time to transition and I know which skill set to study for when they do go to college.

    Yes, Amelia is very pretty, but unfortunately I cannot remember where I DL’d her from. I think from Urban Sims.

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