i don’t care what you think

Fall 3001: Richward
Doris (62) & Vyn (56) Richward. Also Marianne Richward (11), Adriana Tracy (2)
Last update/next update

Things have settled into a routine since Vyn and I got hitched at city hall. We both go to work, because we’d both be too bored to be retired.

Speaking of work, I got reassigned to a new lawyer at the firm. Miss Thing, as I like to call her, thinks she’s hot stuff since she’s a new partner. The youngest and the only woman. Humph, whatever.

She seems a little fake to me though. She called herself giving me a ride home from work, to make nice with me since I’m her new secretary.

Honestly, I think she was being nosy in finding out where I lived or something.

She didn’t seem too impressed with my neighborhood though. What did she expect? It’s a retirement village!

But that didn’t stop her from running her mouth off though. She spent nearly ten minutes of my time, bragging on well she was making friends in town. She even had the nerve to tell me that she was interested in a man who was in the process of getting a divorce. Like I gave a crap!

I ended up managing to tell her with a straight face that I had things to do. She took the hint and told me that she was going to enjoy working with me. And then, in her usual air, put her nose in the air and left. Finally!

As it turned out, I did have something to do. My granddaughters came by for a visit. Marianne is not so little anymore; she thought she was too old to be getting a hug from her grandmother.

“Grandma, I’m almost a teen! I’m about to start high school,” Marianne complained. “It’s too babyish.” I rolled my eyes; she sure whined like a baby.

I changed the subject and we talked about things like school and such.

In the end, I still got a kiss on the forehead. Well, that’s an improvement in the right direction.

Adriana was a sweetheart though. She reminds me so much of her mother at her age.

Marianne liked having Vyn as another grandmother. They had a lot in common, so it was no surprise that they were discussing movies.

It was nice that Vyn got along well with her. She always wanted children of her own, but never got the chance.

Vyn tries to spoil them, but is still pretty firm with them, which Marianne tries so hard to get her way.

Then Vyn saves the day by whipping out the cake or ice cream. I thought I was the fun grandma!

But I am not ashamed to say that I get glad when the visit is over. I can go back to having adult conversations again, like the upcoming election day.


  • The title is from by I Don’t Care Fallout Boy.
  • So I had changed my mind about making Doris’s live-girlfriend/roommate playable. They both had the want to get married and since Vyn looked pretty with my Jessi defaults and I remembered that she was an elder and couldn’t contribute her horrible genetics anyway, I went ahead and married them.
  • I forgot to write down the name of Doris’s new co-worker, but you guys will see her again. 😉

4 thoughts on “i don’t care what you think

  1. Haha I actually love Doris’ new co-worker, she looks like she’ll bring lots of drama with her. And I snickered a bit at Marianne…….kids so want to be grown up until they actually grow and realize it’s not all that great!

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