wrong in all the right ways

Fall 3001: Fontaine
 Christy (31), Genesis (20) and Eva (9 months) Fontaine
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On Saturday morning, Genesis and Christy found that a snow storm moved through overnight. Genesis was more excited about it than Christy, as she wanted to go skiing.

“Um, how about no?” Christy replied.

They were more concerned about the weather anyway, as they had a small get-together planned for that evening. The dinner party was to garner interest for a gardening club in town.

They didn’t have nothing to worry about, as much of the snow melted throughout the day. Genesis lost the bet and ended up greeting their guests outside.

The “little” get-together ended up being more boisterous. Who knew elders could party?

Devon Summerfield ended up cornering Genesis, talking about engineering. Genesis only pretended she was interested. Who cares?

The party became a success nonetheless, even though they never did get to setting up that club. Maybe next time.

The following Tuesday afternoon, Christy found Genesis in the study when she arrived home from work.

“I wasn’t expecting you home so soon,” Christy greeted with a smooch.

“I closed the shop early because I have wonderful news!” Genesis replied cheerfully.

“Well, Beautiful, tell me what this great news is.”

“Mrs. McCarthy has a relative in Rockport who is this property manager or something. He’s looking for an artist to create a mural in one of this buildings, and she suggested me. Turns out that he’s somewhat familiar with my work and he hired me on the spot!”

“Wait, he hired you? You mean, you accepted?”

Puzzled, Genesis confirmed. “Why not? It is a fabulous opportunity. More people will be exposed to my work and the pay is incredible!”

“I can’t believe you took this job without letting me know-“

“Letting you know? I wasn’t aware that I had to get your permission.”

“You know what I meant. This was a huge decision that was made without me.”

“Let me get this straight: you retired from the soccer league without ‘letting me know’. You took another job at the BusyBody’s Gym without ‘letting me know’. You put a binding offer on this house without ‘letting me know’. But you’re appalled to find out that I took an extra job?” Genesis asked dangerously.

“I’m just concerned about your other responsibilities. What about your store? What about Eva?”

“Leave her out of this. We’re both working women, and she can continue staying with the sitter. And as far as the store is concerned, I can hire a manager part-time.”

“You seem to have it all worked out,” Christy smirked. “So what, you’re moving to Rockport now?”

“Rockport?! My life is here in Laurel Crossing, with you!”

“It’s nice to know you remembered that,” Christy snapped before storming out.

That was SO not how Genesis imagined her announcement would go.


Christy and Genesis avoided one another for the rest of the evening. Genesis retired to bed late, hoping to find Christy asleep, but found she was still awake.

“So,” Genesis began, “our first fight, huh?”

Christy laughed uncomfortably.

“I want to apologize,” Christy stated. “I was out of line. Instead of being supportive and estactic for you, I was a total ass about the whole thing.”

“Not totally,” Genesis smirked. “No, you were,” she said after a beat. That got a real laugh out of Christy.

“I just freaked; I thought you were trying to get rid of me.”

“How in the world did you come to that conclusion?” Genesis asked.

“You seemed to have all the answers and I thought you had this planned for a while, sneaking behind my back,” Christy explained.

“I meant what I said, Christy. You and Eva are my world. My life is here with my girls. I now have the opportunity of my lifetime to really show my craft. I thought you would understand.”

“And I do,” Christy replied. “Let me show you how much…”


  • The title is from Pink’s song Raise Your Glass.
  • Genesis had the want of inviting a couple of her friends over, so I did. The problem is that she tends to only befriend elders! I was only able to invite the only adults she knew: Amelia and Devon .
  • After the party, Genesis had the want to find a job (even though she’s an entrepreneur). I decided to have her look for a job on the off-chance she got one in the EAxis Artist career, and she did. She’s pretty high up as a muralist. Getting paid big bucks. It was too big to pass up. I don’t know if I will keep her store though; I’m pretty bored with it.
  • When Christy got home from work, they talked and happened to be talking about art (the memory that Genesis painted a masterpiece). Once Genesis brought it up, Christy began frowning up. I figured she wasn’t too happy about Gen’s new job.
  • And oops, I forgot to get a mugshot for Christy for her profile. Better luck next time.

2 thoughts on “wrong in all the right ways

  1. Wow that fight came out of no where but that’s how it is sometimes. I think Christy was a bit out of line but I’m glad she came around and admitted what was bothering her.

    I hope we get to see the mural too.

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