My Way: Posters Galore!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I found my inventory of work and college-related posters lacking. I decided to fire up SimPE and try to make some myself.

Here are some previews. These particular ones can be used in primary and secondary schools, not just college.

These are universal as well.

These are definitely for college.

These are examples of posters that would go into the college classrooms, like business and communications.

Some motivational posters.

Here are the Maxis meshes. The Alien Surfer requires University, and the Grilled Cheese poster requires Nightlife.

Download: class posters/ college posters/ work posters

Special download:

I made a recruitment poster for the University of Rockport, or URock as it’s affectionately called. It says in Simlish: “I Rock, U Rock, We Rock. Learn more about University of Rockport, Rockport’s premier university. See counselor for details. Or go to WWW.UROCK.EDU” (No actual site, of course!) Maybe you can hang them up in your high schools. Get it here.

4 thoughts on “My Way: Posters Galore!

  1. Thanks! I’ve been very self-conscious about uploading these. I’m afraid someone will come up and say, “You dork! Someone already made these on MTS!” or something like that.

    I also made a recruitment poster for the college that’s to be built in Laurel Crossing but I won’t upload that one until later. Doing so would be a BIG spoiler.

    Also on my to-do list is creating more college paraphernalia, like T-shirts and letterman jackets and the like.

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