LC Redux: Laurel Civic Center

I’ve been unhappy with the current layout of Laurel Crossing; it’s not very  realistic as terms of actual city planning. So I’m currently re-building the city from scratch in an alternate hood and, once completed, will use HoodReplace to upgrade. I got the idea from Sullivan and Wellington, so thanks to you!

The first stop on the HoodReplace tour is the seat of Laurel Crossing’s government, the Civic Center.

I shamelessly (okay, maybe I’m a little ashamed) copied Mt. Geneva’s Great Hall. It was exactly what I was looking for and going by the few preview pictures she had, I pretty much nailed it.

Another view in front.

The mayor’s wall of books.

The other side of the mayor’s office.

Another view.

Second story parlor view. It is outside the mayor’s office.

Here is the room, where the mayor meets with the rest of the city council. It is not totally finished. I stopped here because I needed some graphs on the wall, but couldn’t find any. I ended up finding some later, so it will be put up by the time I use this room in an update.

Another view of the room.


That’s for tour #1. I haven’t finished decorating the rest of the building; I have two more rooms, plus one big hall on the third floor to do. I probably won’t touch those until I need to use the building for an update. Let me know whatcha think!

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