City Council Agenda: November Elections

Here is a list for all propositions on the ballot for this year’s elections:

Proposition 101-A

Prop 101-A is for the creation of a school board for the Laurel Crossing School System. It will be headed by current Superintendent Amelia Meade. If passed, special elections for open seats on the school board will take place January 15.

Proposition 101-B

Prop 101-B is for the construction of a mayoral estate in Parker Estates. This estate home will be inhabited by the mayor and his or her family for the entire term. The estate will be fully furnished and will be owned by the city. Household expenses, such as landscaping, repairs and utility costs, will also be covered by the city. All other expenses will be incurred at cost to the household. Construction is budgeting at $150,000, furnishing at $25,000 and a yearly budget for maintenance is $10,000.

Proposition 101-C

Prop 101-C is for the creation of the Special Needs Assistance program in the Department of Health & Sim Services. The SNA program is for Laurel Crossing residents who need assistance in job placement, housing assistance, food expenses and free and low-cost healthcare. There will be an low-income requirement, and preference is given to elders and households with children. Funding will come from the DHSS budget.

Proposition 101-D

Prop 101-D is for the creation of a local transit system within Laurel Crossing. The transit system will initially be by bus, however with the expected growth in population, will introduce transit by light rail. The transit system will be city-funded, from the Department of Public Services.

Polls are now open and will close by the first Monday in November. Thank you for voting!

2 thoughts on “City Council Agenda: November Elections

  1. Thanks, I like them too. It gave me an opportunity for some updates without any pictures. I haven’t had any real play time since it’s nearing finals.

    I’m also quite surprised at the result so far for Prop 101-B. I guess residents aren’t too keen on shelling out $$ for the mayor to have a cushy pad. I know Texans aren’t for the governor mansion.

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