Circle of Life: Fall 3001 Birthdays

The countdown is now on for Cora Tracy, as she is now in her third trimester. Excitement is building for her, as she gushes about the new arrival with her cousin, Britney Underwood, who gave birth the past spring.

After Britney ensures that Cora is getting plenty of rest, she sends her off so that she can get off her feet.

It has been a year since Genesis Fontaine moved to the LC, but it seems like forever. Within the past year she began a new business, met and married the love of her life and they just received their new bundle of joy, via adoption. Little Eva is now enjoying breaking into her new nursery in their brand new home. Any concerns Genesis may have had in the past are now mute and is now enjoying her new domestic life.


  • I was quite surprised when Cora stopped by Britney’s new place; though they are first cousins, they do not have a big relationship. Even though they have similar histories (both were single mothers who remarried to awesome men), they weren’t really close. I figured that she wanted to see the new house and wanted to gush about the new baby.
  • Genesis’s life has been on ultra-speed. Not only she meet Christy, an AL-Sporty townie, they eloped (with a quick ceremony at home) and immediately spun a want to adopt, thus little Eva arrived. She has black hair with a generic eye color. It seems that when I created her for the Weber adoption pool, I had an eye set that I no longer have. Oh well.

3 thoughts on “Circle of Life: Fall 3001 Birthdays

  1. I like your new layout! Genesis and her new baby look sweet together. I wonder what Eva will look like when she ages to toddler. And I’m excited to see what Cora has!

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