Better Than You and Me

Summer 3001: Dominic (30), Giovanni (3). Also Arturo (63), Diego (33), & Victoria (31), and Donna (64).
Last update: Fall 3000

It has been nearly nine months since Tamara Townsend had entered his life, and he has enjoyed every minute of it.  He had gotten used to having her around, helping out with Giovanni and for companionship. She helped him handle his grief of losing his wife and raising his daughter. He could never thank her enough for it, except for…


After putting Giovanni down for a nap, Dominic walked directly to Tamara and proposed on the spot.

After sliding the ring onto her finger, Tamara threw herself in his arms, weeping. “Yes, I’ll marry you,” she mumbled through tears.

He set her down and Tamara took his face into her hands. Looking into this face, she murmured,  “It’s about damn time.”

Laughing, Dominic sat down on the couch, pulling Tamara into his lap. Noticing she was quiet, he asked her why.

“I’m just thinking about your family. Do they even know you’re dating? Will they even like me?” she worried.

“They’re gonna love you,” he assured her. Well, maybe not Victoria, Diego mused.

Tamara snuggled closer into his lap. “I can’t wait to become your wife,” she told him.

“Yeah, you’re stuck with me now. Sucker!” Dominic joked before kissing her.


Later that night, Dominic announced his engagement to his family. Diego instantly made a toast to the happy couple, before Victoria had a chance to make a comment, just in case. He didn’t want a repeat of what happened with his father.

They had nothing to worry about, as everyone got along with everyone else. Potential crisis averted.


  • The title is from I Need You by Alicia Keys.
  • Tamara Townsend is a townie whom he met on the internet. They are very well matched and gets along well with Giovanni. I cannot wait until D & T have babies.
  • Yes, very short update as I didn’t take enough good pictures.
  • Wedding is set for Spring or Summer 3002; I haven’t decided yet.

3 thoughts on “Better Than You and Me

    1. You know, Victoria gets along with pretty much everyone. But for some reason, she didn’t like Donna at first, which is also weird, because Donna gets along great with everyone too. It’s mind-boggling. Maybe it’s Donna’s elf ears?

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