All About the Exposure

Summer 3001: Diego (33), Victoria (31), Sergio (7), Santiago (5), Sabrina (1), and Arturo (63). Also Donna (64).
Last update: Fall 3000

On a random summer night, a burglar broke into the Juarez home. Luckily, they had an alarm system installed.

Victoria awoke to the alarm sounding off. To her horror, she found her sons watching the police attempting to apprehend the thief. She herded them into another room to shield them.

The police were finally able to make an arrest. The officer carted him off to the police car, while Police Chief Jeffrey Underwood, who arrived just then, took a statement from Diego. It was brief, as nothing was taken.

Victoria then proceeded to put her boys back into bed, assuring them that everything was okay.

Sergio, however, was still upset. He was still afraid that the bad man would come back. It took some doing, but Diego and Victoria was able to calm him down and get him to go to sleep.


Next week, Arturo had his friend, Donna, over for dinner, which wasn’t unusual as he tended to do this from time to time. This dinner, however, was a little different, since he announced that they were getting married.

Diego and Victoria were equally shocked; they didn’t even know that their father was dating Donna.

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” Victoria replied.

Arturo and Donna looked at each other. This was not the response that Arturo was expected, although Donna wasn’t surprised. She always had the impression that Victoria did not like her too much and was only tolerating her for Arturo’s sake. “Of course it is,” Arturo replied. “I know it must be a shock to the two of you.”

“I’ll say,” Victoria countered. “We didn’t even know you were dating, much less it serious enough to get engaged. It seems so fast. Where is all this coming from?”

Arturo took Donna’s hand. “We’ve both been widowed for some time now. And well, when you get to be our age and find love again, you jump on it. It’s best to enjoy the time you have left.” Arturo and Donna gazed into each other eyes, while Diego gave his wife a look, which she ignored.

“We wish you the best,” Diego told them, before Victoria could say something else. What was with his wife, he wondered. If he didn’t know any better, he would’ve thought that Victoria didn’t like Donna.

If anyone was to be upset at Arturo remarrying, it would have been him, since Arturo was his dad. But his mom had been gone for nearly twenty years, so Diego thought it was a good idea for his father to get married. “Just let us know when, and we’ll be there.”

Victoria excused herself from the table, with Diego following behind her. Victoria yanked her hand away when Diego tried to catch up with her. She stormed up the stairs, while Diego pretending to clear the table.

“Well, that went well,” Arturo remarked to Donna.


  • The title is from Brick by Boring Brick by Paramore (I love this band!).
  • Yes, my first burglary in Laurel Crossing and fittingly, it was at the Juarez estate, as they are my richest family. Nothing was taken but it didn’t stop Sergio crying about it though.
  • The romance from Arturo and Donna was a complete surprise to me though. They were friends, as there are only one other elder playable (Doris, her sister), but imagine my surprise when one day I played the Juarez household and Arturo had a want to ask Donna on a date. Huh? I checked his memories and they had kissed. WTH, when did that happen? I had to keep a close watch on him, because he kept trying to bootycall Donna (BTW, ew!). After I played both household a while, they had both had a want to get engaged, without the want locked. So I figured, why not?
  • Victoria’s reaction to the news was not unexpected. Victoria has snobbish tendencies. She didn’t like Donna at all, until she came by her house for a visit. She hit it off with Britney, so now she get along okay with Donna.
  • I initially wasn’t going to have a formal wedding for them, as they’re both elders and most likely already had a wedding. But then I saw this and changed my mind:

  • I haven’t decided when the wedding will be yet though. Also, Arturo and Donna are the reason why I build Rose Hill Park. I figured that if Victoria has to tolerate her father-in-law getting married to someone by the likes of Donna, then she’ll make sure that they get married at an upscale venue (**rolls eyes**).

6 thoughts on “All About the Exposure

  1. Oh my! Poor Sergio. What a traumatic experience for a kid. Seems like Victoria’s beauty is skin deep. While surprising, I’m glad Arturo and Donna have each other! It’s sweet.

  2. For those who were worried about Donna sleeping on her daughter’s couch can relax. It looks like she’s movin’ on up! Technically, Arturo is the most wealthy bachelor of sorts. I’m glad her sister Doris is gay because I think she would’ve fought Donna for him. And btw, Arturo and Donna are both family sims, so they’re always so gooey with one another.

  3. Aww Arturo and Donna are super sweet. Poor Sergio, he looks awful upset.

    I hope Victoria will come around to the idea of it, even though it seems to be happening too fast for her, seems like a good fit/timing for Arturo and Donna.

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