You Give Me a Change of Scenery

Spring 3001: Jeffrey (34), Britney (31), Courtney (3 months), Donna Richward (64), Sarai Richward (9)
Last update: Fall 3000

After a few months, everyone got used to having a baby in the house. Even Sarai, who had been the only child for the past 9 years, stands by in hopes of getting a chance in holding the baby. After all, she did get her wish in getting a baby sister!

Britney had to admit: she missed having a baby in the house, although she could do without the midnight feedings. She was just glad she had her mom Donna to help out with the baby while she and Jeffrey worked.

But Britney was a natural worrier, so it wasn’t long before she had something else to complain about. This time it was the house. She complained about how the exterminator company they used last month to get rid of termites.

“What are we going to do, Jeff?” Britney asked her husband when he got home. “The house is falling apart, and that extermination company isn’t doing anything to repair the damages. We may need to move.”

“But we cannot afford to move,” Jeffrey sighed. “We still have this large mortgage to deal with.”

“I know that, but we have to do something,” she countered. “Maybe we can sue?”

“That takes money too! We’re struggling as it is now,” Jeffrey fumed, who was uncharacteristically frustrated. “Look, I’m pissed too that we are in this situation, but-”

“There are no buts,” Britney interrupted. “We have a newborn in the house. All this cannot be healthy for Courtney, or Sarai. We have to do something.”

“I haven’t forgotten about the girls.” He sighed. “I’ll talk to the district attorney and see what we can do.”


After speaking with the attorney and getting the mayor involved, the extermination company was forced to re-do the termite extermination and pay for any damages. But the damages were too extensive, so the Underwoods had to move into another house. Fortunately, the house, which was one of the new builds by Juarez Construction, was cheaper and they were able to get a smaller mortgage, with the extermination company paying the difference between the old and new mortgages.

“We got you a new house, little Courtney,” Britney cooed to her. The move went smoothly. “I helped too,” Jeffrey added.

“Yes, you did help,” Britney agreed later. “How about I show my appreciation by christening our new bedroom?” Jeffrey just nodded absently as he headed up the stairs behind her.

Soon, things went back to normal. “About time,” Donna mumbled as she dozed on the couch, in wait for baby Courtney’s next midnight feeding.


  • The title is from the song of the same name by L.P.
  • I made a boo-boo. I had completely forgot about the Underwoods. They were supposed to be the last family in the spring updates after the Faithbucks, but I skipped them and went directly to the Faulkners for summer. Oops.
  • I had the Underwood family moved because the house they were in, really wasn’t temperature-friendly. Although it never rained, hailed or snowed inside the house, the family was always in the blue or the red when he was during summer or winter. It was hard to keep the adults in even temps while sleeping. So I moved them into another house. The house is smaller (2×2), so it was about $20K cheaper. The only downside is it is only a 3-bedroom, so Donna has to either camp out in the baby’s room, or sleep on the couch. Once Courtney hits toddlerhood, I’ll have her share a room with her big sister.

7 thoughts on “You Give Me a Change of Scenery

  1. Poor Donna! I’d feel rather unappreciated if I were her. lol Gotta do what you gotta do.
    How weird that your sims were having problems in a house. I’ve never had that happen before.

  2. Oh, I have a house like that! In my case at least, it’s because of the roof. Those walls that come automatically with some roof styles don’t really count as real walls, in terms of keeping the temperature stable. It’s annoying but I live with it because I love the house so much.

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