Around Town: University Towers

I was in more of a building mood today, so I give you another dorm lot tour.

Introducing University Towers!

TV/lounge area

This was an empty space across the lounge area, so I moved in a pool table.

Main floor hallway. All the floors look similar.

Other side of the hallway behind the elevators: a staircase and the entrance to the floor’s bathroom.

The other floors have a study room, with the floor’s bathroom on the opposite end.

A closer look in the study room.

A look into the dorm room. Each room includes a double bed, a side dresser, desk, chair and bookcase.

The bathroom, sink side.

Shower side. Toilet stalls are in the middle.

Entrance to the dorm gym with showers.

On the opposite end of the top floor, there is the cafeteria.

Another view of the cafe. As you can see, it’s very spacious. I definitely went overboard. Also includes a jukebox and vending machines. On the other side, there are arcade machines.

Top-down view, top floor.

Both second and third floors have the same layout.

Main floor.

And in case you wanted a closer look at the next door parking lot:

Never mind the empty space on the left. I built this lot before the dorm. I was inspired by Lakeside Heights’ recent endeavors.


  • There it is! I hope you enjoyed the tours.

4 thoughts on “Around Town: University Towers

  1. That is one kick butt dorm!!! You did a great job decorating it, and building it, and the parking lot is awesome! I really like the lounge area, and cafeteria awning.

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