Circle of Life: Summer 3001 Birthdays

Quinn Faulkner is ready to have these babies already! As she hears Trent arriving home by carpool, she gets an idea. She once read that woohoo helps bring labor along.

Quinn rushes to put on some sex lingerie (that she could fit over her belly), but apparently just thinking about woohoo gets the party going, as she goes into labor.

Two days later, Trent and Quinn bring their twin boys home. Welcome to the world, Austin & Chase Faulkner!

Meanwhile, Cora Tracy‘s second trimester manifests a serious bout of insomnia. She uses the time to read some refresher pregnancy books, as it’s been a decade since her last baby.

4 thoughts on “Circle of Life: Summer 3001 Birthdays

  1. I messed up! I cannot find my pictures of the Faulkners with the newborn babies. They have since grown to toddlers and the next update is for their household. So when the update lacks the babies, that’s why.

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