I’ve Been so Hollow Inside

Spring 3001Blake (29), Deidre (24), Nichole (5). And Alicia is (3) and Lauren is (1).

Morning found Deidre like it did every day for the past three months. Deidre was stuck in a fog. Everything she did was on autopilot.

After she sent off Nichole to school, she would sit on the couch and… just sit. Stare into nothingness. Until Alicia or Lauren woke up for the day. Then she would get up, dress the girls and do… something. Go to the park. Go to the library. Everything. Anything.

Anything to get her mind off what happened.

She had just entered her third trimester. Her brother-in-law, Trent, just happened to be over to talk with Blake. Just as Deidre set down her lunch plate, she felt a painful cramp. It felt like a labor pain, but different.

Deidre began screaming suddenly when a sharp pain shot across her middle. Blake rushed downstairs to find his wife standing in a pool of blood…

Two days later, they left Rockport University Hospital Center. Without their baby.

Deidre was in a trance for a week straight. She couldn’t believe it. Their baby… Their child that she felt grow inside her for seven months… gone. And the fact they finally had the boy that Blake wanted for so long made it even worse.

Concerned for his wife, he arranged for her to see a psychiatrist in the city. Deidre could only numbly nod in agreement.

Deidre took to the treatment well. Within three months, she was just about back to her old self. She finally adjusted to her grief. What had helped her was keeping busy. As long as busy, she didn’t have to fall back into despair.

Which was why during the span of an hour between Nichole leaving for school and the two young ones waking up for the day was usually spent in quiet contemplation on the couch.

Her sister-in-law, Quinn, suggested that she get a new look, so Deidre changed her hairstyle one day. Her new style did make her feel better. She decided to read through one of her cookbooks to cook her family a good, hearty meal, since she hadn’t been cooking regularly for a while.

Deidre decided to fire up the grill for some tropical ribs, a special treat for Blake, as it was his favorite. He did notice Deidre’s cheeriness and her new hairdo.

“I’m glad you’re feeling better,” Blake commented. “You look great and this food is good too.”

“Me too, Mommy!” Nichole added. “You’re my mommy again.”

Deidre felt a pang of guilt at her daughter’s words. “I’ll always be your mommy,” Deidre recovered. “So what happened in school today?”

Nichole talked about how great it was having Auntie Quinn as her teacher. It was almost as good as her art class.

After a while, Deidre noticed Blake not as involved in the conversation. In fact, she noted how withdrawn he seemed lately. She only just realized it because of the funk she put herself in these several weeks.

After Nichole was excused from the table, Deidre decided to bring up her observations.

Blake assured her he was fine. Just feeling a bit tired. He was, after all, a bank manager and the town’s city treasurer.

“Oh, I thought it was me,” Deidre admitted. “I want to thank you for being so understanding. I feel like a fool all these weeks, lamenting over something I had no control over. I can’t believe how I acted. I haven’t been taking of care you, or the kids, properly.”

“No, you haven’t,” Blake remarked. “But… what’s done is done. It’s time to start fresh.”

For the first time in a long time, Deidre beamed. She was finally happy again.


  • The title is from Haunted by Evanescence.
  • Deidre is my first victim of the miscarriage feature in Insimenator, and hopefully the last. I debated a long time whether or not to have this feature in my game, but I went with it anyway. RL months later, I forgot all about it, since I usually take good care of my sims. But this time, I didn’t notice Deidre was low-motived until it was too late. And she was only hours from giving birth too. I do wonder if that baby would’ve been a boy. I do want one to carry on the Faithbucks name.
  • A funny side note: Trent was there on his own accord. I haven’t put this in the story, but he has a habit of inviting himself over to people’s houses. Just walks on in without a “howdy do”! Not just here, but at the Underwood’s, the Tracy’s, and many more. In fact, I think at every playable household, whether he knows them or not.
  • Is it me, or does Blake seem a bit insensitive?

4 thoughts on “I’ve Been so Hollow Inside

  1. Aww 😦 Wish she wouldn’t have lost the baby. I’m glad she’s feeling better though!
    Yeah the “No… You haven’t” from Blake about her not “taking care” of him and the family feels a little harsh. :S

  2. How sad. 😦 I’ve had a few of these in all the RL years I’ve had ACR in my game, and they are super sad each time. I agree with D, Blake seems a little harsh in his response to her, she’s clearly going through a difficult time, that’s rather traumatic, a little sympathy might be nice.

    Nichole is adorable, it’s too bad on the loss, a little brother would have been sweet. 😦

  3. Oh, how sad. 😦 I’m glad she’s starting to feel better, but yes, Blake does seem to be a bit insensitive. Maybe what he meant just came out wrong, since I’m sure he only wants his wife to be happy again.

    lol at Trent inviting himself over! Nathan Gates does that to a lot of my households. I have to run him off all the time because he’ll walk right in, use the bathroom, and then watch TV and eat the food without asking, lol.

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