Around Town: Baxton Hall

Since school is around the corner, I figure that I post a dorm lot I just built for University of Rockport.

I give you, Baxton Hall. Baxton Hall is the newest residence hall on URock’s urban campus.

The dorm features apartment-style dorms. Each apartment offers a balcony.

Here is the model of a typical two-bedroom apartment. Each apartment is furnished with the bare necessities. For the living room, it only has a sofa and a console table. But the room does provide a view.

Here’s the full-size kitchen. It come equipped with a fire-alarm and a fire sprinkler. No accidents here!

The dining nook is adjacent to the front door.

Each bedroom comes with a double bed, a desk, a dresser and closet.

The other side of the room. Yup, pretty tight.

Now a look at the one-bedroom. The kitchen has a eat-in bar.

Another look at the kitchen.

A top-down view of the two-bedroom. As you can see the bedrooms are not that small. Plus, there are two bathrooms. One for each occupant. The bedrooms are the actual dorm room inside the apartment.

And here is the one-bedroom.

On the first floor, there is an all-purpose room. As you can see, there are desks for assignments, an area for gaining the logic skills and a lounge area for reading.

There are also computers for those term papers. And chat rooms.

The other end currently offers an area for working out and painting. That will change once I figure out where to place a gym and art room.

Across the front hall from the study room is the cafeteria.

And here it is. Nice and bright. The kitchen offers plenty of space to work around for the chef.

Another view of the seating area.

And here is where I’m stumped. There is a wide open space near the stairs and elevator.

The empty space repeats itself on the second and third floors as well.

I guess I could put a gym on one of the floors but I still need ideas on what else to fill in the holes. Which is why this lot isn’t finished.


  • And there it is! I’m not sure if I am going to use this dorm often. I only just realized when I was finishing up furnishing this lot, that only the bedroom objects will disappear as they are in the dorm rooms. So this lot may lag with all of the extra objects lying around (in the apartments). I’ll see once I finish and do a play-test.

5 thoughts on “Around Town: Baxton Hall

  1. Maybe a pool table in that empty space? I had a big empty space in the dorm I’m in the middle of decorating and that’s what I’ve ended up putting there.

    This looks really fantastic! I’ve always wanted to build a dorm with balconies like that. Living in dorms isn’t very common at universities in Australia (they’re mainly for international students) but the dorms at my uni were like that. So it looks realistic to me.

  2. Oooo! I like it! I like that the bedrooms are the technical dorm rooms, but it doesn’t feel that way at all. I’m with Carla, a pool table was the first thing that came to mind for me.

    Very nice job!

  3. Oh, that looks great! I love the decor and the set up for the apartment style dorms.

    Like Carla, I was also going to suggest a pool table in that area. Or some other group activity that the students could do to mingle with each other between classes?

  4. Thanks for the ideas, you guys! I have three floors of open space to work with, so I’ll probably do a gym and a common room (with the pool table and media center). That way, the study room can actually be a study room. I’m still left with another floor, but maybe it’ll be another skilling room. I’ll see.

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