Every Which Way But the Right Way

Liam (32), Cora (30), & Adriana (1) Tracy and Marianne Richward (10).

Last update: Fall 2010

Things have calmed down and settled for the Tracy family. Marianne has improved in school, and Adriana is luckily not having the usual tantrums that plague new toddlers. Even Liam had cut back on his hours at the dealership. Now that things were less stressful, Cora couldn’t help but wonder why she was tired all the time.

She couldn’t explain her constant fatigue, but figured it will pass. She made sure to concentrate on her girls. Marianne had recovered from her math homework mishap and now is excelling in all subjects.

“I just want to say that I’m so proud of you,” Cora told her one day.

“Um, okay,” Marianne said unsurely.

Cora paused for a beat. “My little baby is growing up,” she murmured, tearing up.

“Oh, my mom would you please get a grip?” Marianne asked.

Liam even began noticing her unusual naps, coming more frequently. This one time, he decided to cook dinner and leave her sleeping. It looked like she needed it.

It wasn’t until she woke with the sudden urge to vomit did she realize what was going on. Oh crap, she groaned between heavings.

A quick trip to the drugstore revealed that Cora was, in fact, pregnant. Cora told Liam the following morning, who was ecstatic.

“I want a boy this time,” Liam told her.

“I wasn’t aware that you could place orders,” Cora laughed.

Cora was unsure how to bring the news to Marianne, so she procrastinated for a while. But Marianne beat her to the punch.

“So when is the baby coming?” she asked.

Cora slightly choked on the food she was swallowing. “I, um, what? How do you know-”

“Oh, c’mon, Mom. You’re sleeping a lot and crying a lot and throwing up a lot. It was like this the last time,” Marianne said as-a-matter-of-factly. “I just think it’s gross that you guys are still woohooing.”

Cora was at a loss of words; she couldn’t decide whether to laugh or get angry. She settled on keeping the tone light.

“What do you know about woohoo?” Cora asked slyly.

“That it’s how babies get here; Grand-mum told me,” Marianne replied. “She said that it was for adults, which is great, because I sure don’t want to have a baby.”

“That’s part of it; there’s more to it,” Cora explained. “You see, when two people love and respect one another, they use woohoo to show how much-”

“Ew, Mom!” Marianne interrupted. “Not while I’m eating!” Cora raised her eyebrows. “Grand-mum already told me that stuff already; that’s what it makes it so gross!” Marianne shrieked.

“Well, when you’re ready to ask questions, I’m here,” Cora advised.

“Whatever,” Marianne mumbled into her bread pudding, wishing she could just disappear.


  • The song is from Every Which Way by Jaheim.
  • Yup, Cora is expecting. She got knocked up from risky woohoo. Since neither Liam or Cora take birth control (non-neat sims), it was not a surprise. She is due Winter 3001/3002.
  • I’m not surprised that Doris had already given Marianne “the talk”; she’s so “tell-it-like-it-is”. In fact, when I first began the hood, I did catch Doris talking to Marianne about woohoo (had the woohoo image in the talk bubble). I wish I kept the picture, it would have been funny to see right now.
  • BTW, the whole “I-didn’t-know” thing by Cora was actually me. I didn’t realize at first that she was pregnant from the risky woohoo until right before she morphed into the second trimester. After eating, she rushed to the bathroom to puke and immediately afterwards she changed. Some goddess I am, no “all-knowing and powerful” for me.
  • If this update seemed a little short, it’s because I didn’t have enough pictures of Cora during her first trimester.

4 thoughts on “Every Which Way But the Right Way

  1. Congrats to Cora on expecting! I’ve had a few surprises myself with the pregnancy department. lol on her grandma telling her all about the birds and the bees! I’m always a little shocked when I see little kids discussing woohoo, I have two that have done it recently, and I’m not entirely sure WHY they are discussing it! lol

    Cora and Marianne are quite lovely looking sims.

  2. Don’t feel bad about missing the pregnancy stuff. There’s things that skip my notice too. Especially when you have the Risky stuff installed. I’m glad Marianne brought up those grades. Your scene between mother and daughter about woohoo was funny. At least she heard it from grandma and not somewhere else.

  3. I’m paranoid about my sims getting pregnant. Everytime they woohoo, i check with SimBlender to see if they are expecting.

    Doris should have told Cora she had already given Marianne “the talk”. That would have save Marianne from the embarrassment of having to hear it again.

    1. Cora shouldn’t have been surprised; Doris had the talk with her when she was young herself.

      I love Cora’s expression when she was talking with Marianne. Marianne was the one who brought up the topic of babies, and that was the face that Cora made in reaction. I thought it was hilarious.

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