Laurel Grove: Spring 3001 semester

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Acting Principal: Amelia Meade; Teachers: Quinn Faulkner, Devon Summerfield
Students: Nichole Faithbucks, Santiago Juarez, Chad Weber, Sarai Richward, Sergio Juarez, Janet Weber, Denise Weber, Marianne Richward

3000-3001 school year: Spring Semester

Nichole is very excited to be in kindergarten in her new school. She didn’t like riding a school bus all the way to Rockport to her old school. Now, she can hang out with her best-est buddies, Santiago and Chad. They start the day in Mrs. Faulkner’s classroom with drawing pictures.

Meanwhile in Mr. Summerfield’s class, Marianne exhibits the telltale signs of boredom. Oh, she wishes she could go outside, but it’s been raining all day. Oh well, she continues the assignment in her workbook.

Before long it is lunchtime and all lower grades (K-3) eat together, with Mr. Summerfield. Nichole brags to Mr. Summerfield about her two best-est buddies.

Sarai takes over the conversation by explaining her excellent academic performance, and how she’ll probably be top of her class.

Chad rolls his eyes and calls Sarai a nerd for actually liking schoolwork.

Sarai shoots Chad a scathing look before adding that although she may be a nerd, she’s not a stupidhead like he is. Mr. Summerfield intervenes before any more name-calling can continue and asks Sarai about her new baby sister.

Their lunch period ends and the higher grades (4-6) commenced their lunch period. It only consists of fifth-graders Marianne and her friends, Janet and Denise. Ms. Meade and Mrs. Faulkner eats with them.

Marianne eats her lunch quickly, in hopes to play some soccer during recess, only to find out that it’s still raining and she’s stuck inside. Janet (right) tries to engage her into a conversation about teen heartthrob, Thom Cruz, but is unsuccessful.

The second half of the day finds Sarai and Sergio working in their science workbooks, even though Sergio is daydreaming about playing his PS3.

Nichole finds learning how to write very fun, but Chad is having trouble and asks Mr. Summerfield for help.

Mr. Summerfield tries his best to help Chad with his writing assignment. It helps some, but Chad still finds himself wanting to chuck his workbook out the window.

Marianne, Janet and Denise luck out by having an easy class at the end of the day: art!

Although she is a jock, Marianne surprises everyone when she is a natural artist. Her picture was so exceptional, Ms. Meade decides to display it on the wall.

After finishing their artwork, Ms. Meade allows them to have free-time before the end-of-the-day bell. Marianne and Janet talk about their pop-quiz in Mr. Summerfield’s class.

Janet laments about the questions about the geography section. She just knows she failed!

Marianne laughs; if last night’s reading assignment was done, then the quiz would have been easy. Janet mumbles about skimming over the pages; she is not amused.

Janet makes a wisecrack about their teacher, and to make Janet feel better, Marianne laughs over zealously. Oh well, better luck next time, Janet!


  • And so there is my first school update. Sorry for the extreme lack of pictures. Because this was a test run on my new school, I guess I was paying too much attention on game play, than taking pictures.
  • Devon Summerfield is a townie that Amelia befriended; he was actually the undercover business reviewer in my game. He got along well with her, so I decided to make him a teacher. His class does the workbook assignments, which I speculate to be for Simlish, History, Science and Math.
  • Quinn Faulkner is the kindergarten teacher. I only just realized when writing up this update that she was in B lunch with the older kids, when she should have been with the younger kids, if she was the kindergarten teacher. It’s just that she was the one who cooked the lunches that day. For some reason, I didn’t get a NPC cook with that hacked Shiny-tyme cooktop like I was supposed to. I don’t know what happened; am I supposed to do something to get it to work?
  • I have Amelia as the principal but she was heading the art class.
  • By the way, Chad, Janet and Denise Weber are my resident orphans in my game. The city’s orphanage, The Weber House, have all of the orphans’ last names as Weber. Biologically, all the Weber children are biologically siblings, as I produced them from a CAS-created couple. Once I made a good twenty kids for the adoption pool, I couldn’t bear killing off the parents; they were too good-looking. So I just made them townies. In fact, you met one of them. He was Dimitri’s friend from Rockport.
  • I would normally post the secondary school update after the primary’s, but as there are no playable teens yet in the hood, there won’t be any. Besides, the school isn’t due to open until fall anyway. It’s too bad, because Amelia had recently hired a teacher who is an Arcturian hyrid and he’s a cutie! I plan to have him as my first playable NPC. He will teach Astronomy and Physical Science, in addition to Alien Studies. I can’t wait for you guys to meet him! (Note to self: I still need to hire more teachers!)
  • And in case you didn’t catch it, the teen heartthrob that the girls are referring to is a play on the name of RL Tom Cruise. It was just a name I pulled out of thin air.

10 thoughts on “Laurel Grove: Spring 3001 semester

  1. LOL! I got the Tom Cruise reference, cute. The kids look like they’re enjoying school for the most part. In terms of the shiny tyme cookware, is there a hack on simlogical as well that you might need? I don’t remember.

  2. Oh, your school is looking wonderful! Well done!

    As for the cafeteria worker, even with the Simlogical hack Starr is referring to, he/she sometimes won’t show up on community lots. I had this problem with my hospital at first. Things that I often forget to place are a trash compactor, a sink and a fire alarm sprinkler. I don’t know if you actually need all those things but I place them all just to cover my bases. Then I know the game is just being glitchy.

  3. Your school looks great! I really like the cafeteria area and the view into the playground. lol on the tom cruise reference. Janet’s expression is so cute when she’s talking about Geography, she definitely doesn’t look sure of that subject.

  4. The school looks great! I always love seeing everyone’s school updates and getting a peek inside the halls. I’ve had a problem with my cook not showing up sometimes. Usually if I delete the stove, put a new one down, and then leave the lot and send my Sim back to it the cook will show up the next time.

  5. I like your school! The Tom Cruise reference made me laugh.
    I like the kids “stupidhead” comment. So like real little kids!
    Hope you get the stove thing figured out.

  6. Your school is really nice. I love to see how others play their school, so I can take notes and be ready when I create mine. Denise, Janet and Chad are very cute. I can see why you couldn’t kill of their parents.

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