Around Town: Rose Hill Park

After fruitlessly searching for a wedding chapel on many sites, I went ahead to constructed a wedding venue of my own. It is a formal venue for outdoor weddings, called Rose Hill Park.

I didn’t want the surrounding buildings to mar the scenery in pictures, so the whole park is surrounded by a fence made entirely of hedge bushes. It was quite fun placing them, and I might create a community lot that will have a hedge maze, with the center as a romantic, scenic park for lovers. I’ll see.

The park includes everything needed for the ceremony and reception. The seating area holds up to 30 sims, I think, but I highly doubt that I will have that many at one time anyway.

The altar is decorated with eye-catching flora, for great pictures of course.

The reception area is covered completely, in case of unfavorable weather.

It also has plenty of seating for dining, and the area also has adequate lighting for evening receptions.

The banquet area also overlooks the dance floor, for easy access.

Finally, I have designated an area for the wedding party to take pictures. Nothing extraordinary about this, except for the fountain.


  • And that’s it! Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that I didn’t add any adequate lighting near the ceremony area, the dance floor or the fountain area, in case there will be night weddings or reception that last into the evening. I’m going to have to update that, before I officially use this.
  • I am already planning a formal wedding. It is the reason why I built this lot. And I’m kind of excited, since this is the first time I actually planned a sim wedding. Normally, I don’t give any thought to a wedding until the last minute, plopping down the altar and other deco here and there. So I’m anxious as to how this will turn out.

10 thoughts on “Around Town: Rose Hill Park

  1. Rose Hill Park looks very lovely! Perfect for weddings! 🙂 I especially love the altar, it will look great in pictures.

  2. I love doing Sim weddings and reading about other people’s Sim weddings, so I’m very much looking forward to seeing this lot in action. It’s absolutely beautiful.

    You’ve reminded that I really should lay down some flooring under my “tent” in the park I use for weddings. Every time I use it, I imagine all the womens’ heels sinking into the grass!

  3. It looks great! I really like the way you situated the fountain into the hedges. The tent looks great, I can’t wait to see it in use!! I bet those little garden lanterns would be the perfect addition for the evening weddings, not too strong of a light, so still romantic.

    1. You know, I haven’t thought about that. I added speakers to the hedges for the music though. It will play the “Big Band” music, because they are my favs for weddings. Much better than classical. After all, who can do the Smustle to classical music?

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