Winter 3001: Meade
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Amelia Meade (26). Also Blake (29) & Deidre (24) Faithbucks.

Amelia was having the Blake and Deidre over for dinner one evening. The Faithbucks, who had a preschooler and two toddlers at home, welcomed the opportunity to get away. Having adult conversation was refreshing.

Amelia was relaying her current task of hiring school staff.

“So how is that coming along, Amelia?” Blake asked her. “Any new developments with the secondary school?”

“Somewhat. Finding qualified teachers has been a little more difficult than I anticipated,” she admitted.

“I still need to find many new teachers and fall will be coming up soon,” she continued. “So far, I have found a teacher for our physical science classes.”

“Oh, really?” Deidre inquired. “Who?”

“Nigel Hoyt; he is transferring in from out of town.”

“I’d say he’s from out of town,” Blake remarked. “Isn’t he from Arcturus?”

“He’s a hybrid,” Amelia corrected. “Anyway, he’s highly qualified. He’s teaching astronomy, physics and alien studies.”

“Alien studies? That will be an elective, I hope?” Blake replied. Amelia cringed, but Blake added, “Oh, it’s not like that. I mean, it’s just that it’s an uncommon course. Not like art or music.”

“Well, I think it’s a good idea,” Deidre commented. “It would give some awareness on the alien population. We cannot have children growing up with negative stereotypes on the Arcturians.”

Blake glared Deidre into silence. The table was silent for a minute, until Amelia changed the topic. “So,” she began, “I hear that Nichole is adjusting nicely to kindergarten…”


So what is this I hear about you teaching alien studies?” Amelia heard upon answering the phone the following day.

“Excuse me?” Amelia asked. “Who’s calling?”

Amelia, this is Summer Frazier.”

“Oh,” Amelia replied. “Hello, Summer. What were you rudely saying?”

Summer ignored her side remark. “I am inquiring the reason why you feel that the subject of alien studies is necessary at our schools. I don’t think you should use the schools for your propaganda.”

“I beg your pardon!” Amelia replied. “How dare you accuse me of-”

You pushing this alien thing on students-”

“First of all, it will only be taught to juniors and seniors. And it will an elective. No one is pushing anything. The goals of this class will be to learn about another culture and to develop tolerance, something I am struggling with right now.”

I wouldn’t want my children to be taught by a-” Summer shrieked.

“Well, it’s fortunate that you don’t have children,” Amelia replied coolly. “To be clear, let me reiterate what I told you when I discussed my curriculum with the rest of the council. This is ultimately my decision. When I want or need your advice, I will ask for it. And if you bombard me again with your racist comments, I will be lodging a formal complaint with the mayor.”

Summer was surprisingly silent. “Fine,” she finally said. “Good day.”

Amelia furiously pushed the end button. “Whatever, hateful wrench.”

The phone rang again. “What?” Amelia barked in greeting.

Hello, Amelia? This is Dimitri. We need to talk.”

Amelia shocked at first, but then said. “Yes, we do. Be here in ten minutes,” she said.

After ending the call, Amelia wasted two minutes contemplating what she was going to do. What she was going to say. She had no clue. She just hoped that she will figure it out in the next eight minutes.


  • The title is from the song of the same name by Rihanna.
  • Yikes! Summer is determined, isn’t she? (Who am I kidding? She’s just plain crazy!) While played Amelia’s lot, she kept calling, talking about Dimitri of all people. It was like she knew! And then, they kept having negative talk interactions. Despite having nothing in common to talk about, she sure kept calling.
  • Also keep in mind on how Blake interacts with his wife, Deidre. It was weird at the dinner. Blake was mainly talking with Amelia, even though Amelia is actually friends with Deidre. But when Deidre added to the conversation, Blake talked once, looked at Deidre and Deidre didn’t talk again. I was like, what was that about? It sure does play out with what I had in store for this couple. BTW, Nichole is their eldest daughter, who is 5 and just began kindergarten at the new primary school.
  • These pictures may look a little different. I took this before the default skin change and before I began using Gadwin. So if they look a little different, that’s why.

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