Round 3001: ROS

It’s now the first round: Round 3001! Here are the ROS for this round.
FEELING CREATIVE- Begin new hobby or start new business.
DEATH! by illness
CHANGE OF HEART- re-roll turn-ons
MAKE IT HAPPEN- fulfill biggest want
  • Yep, just my luck that I would roll a death on my first official round. And I’m bummed because it’s one of my favorite citizens.
  • The Change of Heart one is perfect; it goes perfectly with how I want to play this person.

2 thoughts on “Round 3001: ROS

  1. aww death, no way to avoid that one. sucks when that happens. Fulfilling the biggest want could be exciting. I don’t have “Change of Heart” in my ROS file, I’m adding that asap. Love it, oh the trauma it could cause. haha

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