Working, Working Day and Night

Spring 3001: Tracy
Liam Tracy (32), Cora Tracy (29),  Marianne Richward (10), Adriana (1)

It was a rare Saturday that Liam was home during the day, as he was usually at Laurel Motors, the car dealership he owned and ran. But it was a slow day due to the snow forcasted for the weekend, so Liam decided to stop by for lunch. As he sat down, his step-daughter, Marianne, was making a proposition to her parents.

“So I was thinking,” she began. “I think my bedtime should be extended to 10 o’clock.  I should be able to watch the late-night show. I am, after all, about to be a teenager.”

“That’s a mighty good argument, ” Liam mused.

“Yeah, I think I should make a wish too,” Cora remarked. “Since we’re on the topic of impossible wishes, how about I wish that we win the mega-lottery.”

“Impossible!” Marianne whined. “That’s not fair! I want-”

“I know you want many things, but bedtime is at 9 o’clock. You can have a later one when you are 12.”

“I have to wait until then?!”

“Well, since you’re almost a teenager, then you don’t have to wait much longer, do you?” Cora replied.


After lunch, Liam decided to play a quick game of catch with Marianne before going back to work. Liam used it as a way to bond with Marianne. She loved sports and Liam spent his free time playing baseball and soccer with her to help build their relationship as father and daughter.

The next Tuesday morning, Cora began the conversation with the topic of schoolwork. “I got a call yesterday about your grades,” Cora said. “Care to explain why you are failing math?”

Marianne stuffed her mouth with pancakes so she wouldn’t have to answer immediately. “Well?” Cora countered when Marianne finished chewing.

“But Mom, it’s so boring! It’s not fun to do, like soccer,” Marianne whined.

“If you spent as much time studying as you did training and playing soccer, you wouldn’t be failing,” Liam told her.

“But I’m not gonna need math. When I grow up, I’m going to be a professional soccer player!”

“No?” Liam countered. “How are you going to know your stats? How are you going to manage your money? Or how are you going to know if they’re paying you right, or at all, if you don’t know math?”

Marianne pouted. “And until you bring your math grade up, there will be no soccer. You will come straight home from school and study.”

“But what about my friends?” she persisted.

“Well, you can see them, after you pull your grade up,” Cora stated.

After Marianne realized how serious they were, she buckled down and studied hard to bring up her grade.


While Marianne was studying hard, Liam was working hard on building his car dealership. His was the only one in town, so he did have an advantage. However, due to the size of the developing town, not too many people bought cars.

The biggest perk by far was the networking opportunities. One month into the opening, he met the richest guy in town, Diego Juarez, and even sold him a car.

The best thing by far was the visit by a business reviewer. Not only did he impress the guy enough for a good write-up, but he also purchased a car. A week later, he won the Best-of-the-Best Award!

No matter how hard or how long he works at the lot, he makes sure to get home in time to tuck his precious daughter, Adriana. Even at one year old, she knew enough to wait up for him, so “da-da” can put her to bed.

And when he watches her drift off to sleep, he knows that she and the rest of his family is his reason for living.


  • The song is from Day and Night by Michael Jackson. Rest in peace.
  • Finally! The last family in the pre-round! The next family update with begin the first round of the LC.
  • Cora and Marianne is a branch off the Richward family tree, the daughter and granddaughter (respectively) of Doris. Cora, like Britney Underwood, was a single mother. She met Liam Tracy, a townie walk-by, who happened to be her fated match. Cora happened to be at home when he walked by. After striking up a convo, I was delighted to find that this good-looking brother was a high-ranking level in his career and they had a three-bolt attraction. It seems that the Richward cousins (Cora and Britney) had a lucky year, as Britney’s new husband turned out to be a good match as well.
  • And isn’t Adriana a doll? I can tell she will be a cutie when she gets older.
  • Marianne is a sports nut; it’s her OTH. So I installed the soccer net in the backyard, because she always rolled for soccer hobby wants. Despite that hiccup with the backed up homework, she’s actually a well-rounded student. She is maintaining a low A average, even with the Harder Grades hack.
  • I also had a question: I began using Gadwin and using PrintScreen to take pictures, but I’ve discovered that they are at least 2 MB, even after cropping. How do you guys who use Gadwin or Frapps handle the big sizes?

2 thoughts on “Working, Working Day and Night

  1. This whole family is stunning, not just Adriana! I saw their profiles come up in my feed yesterday and thought that straight away!

    You must be excited to start your real rounds! Are you going to do ROS?

    I use Gadwin and I don’t find my pictures are ever that large! I have some over 1MB but usually, they’re between 700 and 900kb. I don’t crop my pictures at all because I don’t trust myself to be able to make them a uniform size but I do resize them. I actually do my resizing in Paint, because it cuts the file size down dramatically. There’s some quality loss but when I resized in GIMP, I found that the pictures were slow-loading, even on my relatively fast ADSL2 connection.

  2. I found out what the issue was. I checked my settings with Gadwin, and I find out that it was saving the pictures in bitmap format. Apparently, as bitmaps these pics were well over 2 MB; some were even over 3! So I changed it to JPEG.

    I find that I do have to crop them, as I have a widescreen monitor. I’m going to use Gadwin for a bit to see if I prefer it over the in-game pictures.

    And as a reminder, because I switched defaults recently, my simmies may look slightly different between pictures as I am still using pictures taken pre-change. The profile pics are definitely reflect the updated look.

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