‘Cause my Heart is Fragile

Dominic is 30, Giovanni is 3 (Arturo is 63)

Life is good for the Juarez family, but for Dominic Juarez, life has been anything but.

When Dominic got married four years ago, he felt that life was going according to plan. His career in the medical field was blossoming and he met and married his college sweetheart, Melissa. They had planned to wait at least five years to have children, in order to concentrate on their respective careers, but life had different plans. Giovanni came barely two years into their marriage.

Just when Dominic was getting used to being a dad, fate had intervened again. Melissa had died shortly after giving birth, right after the doctor handed Dominic his brand new daughter. She suffered an anyursm during childbirth. She never got to lay eyes on her baby.

Yes, it was hard. He just lost his wife and yet, he still had a newborn to think about. Luckily, his family stepped in. While completing his residency at Rockport University Hospital, his sister-in-law helped out with Giovanni. They moved in and adjusted as best as they could. Two years later, when his brother and father made the decision to move to Laurel Crossing, he decided to move too, in order to get a fresh start.

Now he had a routine. He hired a nanny to watch Giovanni while he worked, and anytime he had to work late, the nanny would drop Giovanni off with his brother’s family.

But any spare time he had, he spent with his baby girl. He got to learn much about his daughter. He had to admit that she reminded him of himself, although she looked just like her mother.

On a rare afternoon that he was off, his father Arturo came by for a visit. “How’s my little Gigi?” he greeted his granddaughter.

Arturo spent the next half-hour entertaining Giovanni, until her head was nodding off.

Arturo was insistent that he put her to bed himself.

Afterwards, Arturo sat down with Dominic to “catch up”.

“I came to see how you were holding up,” Arturo began.

“I’m fine.” He saw the look on his father’s face. “Really, I am. Giovanni and I have adjusted to the new place and being on our own.”

“But what about yourself in particular? Have you gone out? Been around town? You don’t have to go around the world, you know.”

“Here we go with the same conversation, Dad. I am not interested in dating right now.”

“What? I meant just getting out by yourself. When’s the last time you’ve seen a movie? Took a walk in the park?”

“Or gone out on a date?” Dominic added. “I’m happy with my life right now. I’m getting used to being by ourselves. Besides, I’m a single parent. Who works in a career with long hours. I have no time to be playing the dating game, when I have a little girl at home.”

“No one said anything about bar-hopping. Just get some time to yourself. That’s a mistake among new parents. Take a breather every once in a while.”

“Okay, Dad. I’ll try.”

There were silent a for a moment. “So, are you dating right now?” Arturo asked.

Dominic gave his father a look. “What?” Arturo replied.


Although Dominic had evaded his father’s questioning pretty well, he did keep something back. He had gotten into surfing the internet when Giovanni was in bed. It started as trying to find some resources on dealing with grief. He ended up finding a forum for widows and widowers and how to deal with the grief. He had to admit, it got him through most of it.

But most of the credit goes to one person in particular, Tamara Townsend. She was a widow he befriended in the forum. It had even graduated to private chats long into the night. He owed so much to her; he was able to finally accept his new life without his wife.

But more than that, she got him to finally realize how lonely he was and how much he did want to begin dating. More importantly, he wanted to date her.

Wanting to do it now before he chickened out, he typed: “Hey, wanna get a cup of coffee next week?”


The title is again from Fragile by Chrisette Michele.

Dominic and Giovanni is the other half of the Juarez family. Because he’s a doctor and part of the Juarez family, he is wealthy as well. He doesn’t realize it, but he is the top bachelor in town. He’s single, a doctor and rich. The women should be kicking his door down! What’s wrong? He’s content on his current life: being a single dad of his cutie pie.

Which reminds me: Giovanni spam!

Isn’t she cute?! I never knew that toddlers could do this.

Well, Dominic finally rolled a generic want to get married, and then rolled a want to be friends with Tamara, who’s a very beautiful townie once I made her over (I had to! You should’ve seen what she was wearing!). So I took it as a sign that he wanted to get to know her better. Maybe get a little online love connection going on. We’ll see.

3 thoughts on “‘Cause my Heart is Fragile

  1. Giovanni is super stinking adorable!!! How sad about her mom dying. 😦 Dominic has had a rough go, I can understand him not jumping right into relationships, having to grieve for his wife’s unexpected death, plus be the father to his daughter… I hope better times are ahead for this little family.

  2. Giovanni is so cute! 🙂

    How sad that she won’t get to know her mom though. 😦 I can understand Dominic not wanting to get out there right away, and he has a lot on his plate to handle right now. But I’m glad that he’s made a friend that can help him through his grief.

  3. Giovanni is so cute and I love her name! It is really sad that she will never get a chance to know her mom, but I”m sure Dominic will tell her as much as he can about her when she gets older……such a sweet family…..and Dominic is definitely a cutie too!

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