Te amo

Spring 3001: Underwood
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Richward (64), Jeffrey (35) & Britney (33) Underwood, Sarai Richward (8)

“I just get so worried sometimes, Jeff,” Britney told her husband. “Being a police officer is so dangerous.”

Jeffrey almost laughed, but he caught himself in time. With his wife nearing the end of her second trimester, he knew that she was ultra-sensitive, given her condition. “Maybe in the city, ” he said carefully. “But we’re in Laurel Crossing, where the worst crime is petty theft. Since I’ve been named police chief, everything has been pretty quiet.” Jeffrey looked at Britney again. “Now, what is it that you really are worried about.”

Britney paused. Even though she has known him for less than two years, he knows how to read her so well. “Well…” she began. “I’m just worried about our finances. I’m not sure if we can afford this house.”

They had just moved into a bigger, single-family home a few weeks ago. They were living very cramped in their last home: a small, townhome, especially since Britney’s mother, Donna, lived with them. Once Jeffrey and Britney were married, they knew they had to find a new home soon, but the timetable was accelerated when they found out that the newlyweds were expecting. They hadn’t saved enough yet, so they had to take out a mortgage loan.

“Britney, everything will be okay. Because I am in the police force, I got a really good deal on the house and the mortgage, plus both of us have really good jobs,” Jeffrey explained.

“I know; it’s just that I don’t like having such huge debt hanging over heads,” Britney admitted. “Plus, I’m worried about the extra expenses once the baby gets here-”

“Don’t you worry about a thing,” he said. “Just relax and enjoy your time off while you’re on maternity leave.”

“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell her,” Donna said over her piano playing. “Britney, just let your husband take care of you.”

“That’s what I’ve been saying,” Jeffrey added, before the doorbell rang.

Jeffrey went to answer the door. It was Victoria Juarez.

Britney was pretty intimidated by Victoria. Her family was the most affluent family in town. They owned a very lucrative construction business; in fact, the only one in town, so Juarez Construction was detrimental for the development of Laurel Crossing. It must be pretty nice to not have to worry about money, Britney mused.

Victoria had came to visit Donna, but once she began discussing Britney’s pregnancy, she became enthused in the conversation. Jeffrey took his opportunity to leave for work, when they began discussing childbirth.

“Oh my,” Britney responded, after Victoria relayed her horror stories. “I had forgotten how much I disliked childbirth. It’s been many years; I was much younger then.”

“Oh, that’s right, you do have a daughter,” Victoria remembered.

“Yes, Sarai,” Britney gushed. “She’s my little woman. She’s eight.”

“My oldest, Sergio, is nine. We just have to arrange a play date,” Victoria stated.

“Oh, okay,” Britney agreed slowly. “Sure, the kids might like that.”

The women talked a little bit more, but Victoria decided to end her visit. She left with promises to hang out more with Britney. “Wow, she’s a lot nicer than I thought, ” Britney admitted.

“Yeah, she has her moments,” Donna responded mysteriously.

Sarai bounded down the stairs before Britney had a chance to ask her mother what she meant. “Ready for school, Mom!” Sarai announced.

Britney walked her outside to her bus stop. She tried asking Sarai about school, but Sarai quickly changed the subject to the new baby. She was very excited about being a big sister. Ever since her cousin, Marianne, got a new baby sister, she had been secretly wishing for a baby sister too.

“Will I be able to play with her? Or him? Do we know if it is a boy or girl yet?” Sarai kept asking various questions; she had inherited her inquisitiveness from her mother.

“Slow down,” Britney laughed. “It’ll be awhile before you can play with the baby like that, but once he or she gets older, you can play.”

After Britney saw Sarai off, Donna convinced her to relax. Even though she was on maternity leave, Britney still kept herself busy.

Jeffrey arrived home early that day, while Britney was taking another nap. Donna took the opportunity to enlighten Jeffrey. “She’s not worried about money, not really,” Donna began. “Britney has not had the easiest life.”

“I agree; I imagine being a single mother is a pretty hard thing,” Jeffrey said.

“But she’s really afraid.”

“Of what?” Jeffrey, perplexed.

“Things have been going so well lately. Marrying you, buying a new house, having a new baby- she’s waiting for something bad to happen.” Donna sighed, looking at her sleeping daughter. “Her relationship with Sarai’s father was a disaster and she’s been struggling to raise Sarai, earn her degree and having a career.”

“And she’s feeling insecure,” Jeffrey added. “I understand now.”

And you must be patient while you help her build confidence in her new life. Make her focus on the now, not what was or will be.”

Britney woke up from her nap at that moment. “Jeff, you’re home early,” she said. Donna left the room to give them some privacy.

Jeffrey joined her on the couch and coaxed her into his lap. “Just wanted to spend some extra time with my wife, before Sarai came home.”

Britney hugged Jeffrey in appreciation. “From now on, I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure you are in exquisite happiness.”


  • The song is from: Te Amo by Rhianna
  • I initially intended this update to be about Donna, who seems to pop up in everyone else’s update. But when I played this household, Donna was B-O-R-I-N-G! So I concentrated on the new couple.
  • Background: at the time I founded LC, Donna lived with her daughter Britney to help out with her granddaughter Sarai, as Britney was a single mother who couldn’t afford a nanny. It was a similar situation with the other branch of this family: her sister, Doris, with her own daughter, Cora, and granddaughter, Marianne. The only difference was that as soon as Cora got a new husband, Doris rolled out. Donna is still helping out (she’s a Family sim after all).
  • I figured that Britney was worried about money; it was all that she talked about. I had initially moved them into another house, but found that house to be too expensive (the loan payments were WAY out of their budget) so I moved them to this house and didn’t use the pictures I took.
  • You will see more of Sarai in the upcoming school update. She is too cute; a splitting image of her mother. She’s also very studious; I foresee her being a Knowledge sim, most definitely.
  • And I love Britney and Jeffrey together- such a cute couple. Jeffrey was a townie friend of Donna (no surprise there- she knows everybody since she shows up at every community lot I visit), which Donna introduced to Britney. I was pleasantly surprised how much chemistry they had.

3 thoughts on “Te amo

  1. These two are really cute together, and I’m glad they are in a nice home they can afford. How sweet that Sarai is very excited about the new baby, it’d be cute if she got a little sister to play with. I’m glad Jeffrey understands Britney’s feelings.

  2. I don’t know about every one else, but she knows about Britney because that’s her daughter. There is a reason she has her own opinions about Victoria, but that will be revealed later on.

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